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Shadow Tepi 8
Last Activity:
Mar 10, 2017
Jul 31, 2008
Likes Received:
Apr 8, 1993 (Age: 26)
Home Page:
Check out my home page to find out

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Shadow Tepi 8

Prince of Blue, 26

Shadow Tepi 8 was last seen:
Mar 10, 2017
    1. drake13
      oh, i thought 't was tank xD

      wow, do you work out everyday?? 'cause i do >:D....only every sundays though...but everyday i just do push-ups, sit-ups...meh, that's all....that's how boring my life is...

      hmmm....i wanna see this site of yours :D

      oh, no, we are never players, WE ARE VERY GOOD BOYS, now aren't we??? xD
    2. Purplepassion
      Ah okay, at first I thought it was the Gingerbread Man XD
      The Magmortar is a person called Team Brushfire. She's new, so...

      So yeah, I know I've said this but awesome :)
      Thank you :)
    3. Purplepassion
      A background for a program called Bannedstory. It's really nice, huh?
      The Magmortar is another person.
    4. sweet_piplup123
      Just did...dunno if it'll work but... ._.

      Bedtime now, bye (:
    5. drake13
      gotta sleep now...it's 11:00 here already...nxt tym again :D
    6. drake13
      Tepi = Tank?? kewl :D

      well, what does drake mean??? xD

      i think drake means dragon....wahahahaha

      wow...ur going to make a damage calculator?? i don't even know how to make an ordinary calculator in the computer xD

      keep up the good work

      hahaha....being friends with girls sometimes does make you like a player....but that is not true....girls are meant to be loved not to be played with...am i right??? of course i'm right, unless someone in these forums is a player, excluding you and me, we are GOOD boys xD
    7. drake13
      >:O the nerve of that guy!!!

      sorry for joining in your conversation with pippy xD
    8. sweet_piplup123

      Have a look at what this guy said about my signature on my profile >.>

      Seriously, this isn't criticising, this is bashing/flaming me T_T
    9. drake13
      well, i was worried a bit back there xD

      i thought you were dead

      ^ do not read

      well anyways, 'tis good to have you back :D

      and what are those particular assessments again??

      i love purple :D she's so thoughtful :D it's not what you think, i am not a two-timer
    10. drake13
      Purplepassion is so thoughtful *sniff*

      she even made a trainer card for us *sniff*

      I REALLY LIKED THE CARD!!! *goes crazy*

      and, hey, how is you???
    11. Purplepassion
      I pretty much have no artistic talent at all.
      You're probably better at drawing than I am :P
      And I almost put a Kirby background in there. I thought it wouldn't fit though :)
      EDIT: Here's the updated card:
      Here it is!
    12. drake13
      i am not saying that i want to become like Zero Nexus

      i don't know he's inhuman!!!

      i want to be like beatrice and frederica xD
    13. drake13
      made by pippy?? wow

      and i really wish i am non-human

      do you believe i'm non-human???
    14. drake13
      hmmm...MD gand blog??

      sorry for so many questions

      and yes....just finished my exams :D

      am feeling so refreshed and happy now...

      and tomorrow it's the 16th birthday of my cousin and we'll go on a swimming!! anticipation burns my body
    15. drake13
      at last xD

      lol, what blog??

      do you liek my new profile pic and avatar??

      i've become a dragonite!!
    16. drake13
      and...exams is finished!!!!! xD

      am now going to be active again to these forums....xD

      anyways, why are you offline when i'm online??? are you busy???
    17. Purplepassion
      Oh. Really?

      I put in a snowman background at the last moment. It was originnally blank.
    18. drake13
      been kinda busy this week...it's exams week....i'm feeling kinda bushed -_-

      well, here's megan xD


      and this look more like a Tepi to me :P


    19. Purplepassion
      Err... um... I just made something... Sorry to bother you...
      A plain old trainer card
      The pokemon are resembling...
      Piplup: sweet_piplup123
      Munchlax: Me
      Gallade: You
      Dragonite: drake13
      Milotic: Mi10ticFan

      And I put little backgrounds in each of the boxes...
      Two were from a picture of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, one was from a Vocaloid picture, one was from a Kirby picture, and the last was from an Umineko no Naku Koro ni picture. It's not much, but...
    20. Purplepassion
      October 10 is when Explorers of Sky comes out, I think.
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    Apr 8, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    Check out my home page to find out
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Check out my home page to find out.


    The colours I had have faded and I've been wanting to tell you
    That there's no significance to it.
    Even though the dawn no longer comes, and I cannot hear you again,
    I'm still hoping for the day that we can truly smile again.

    Celluloid ~ Miku Hatsune
    Credit to my real-life friend, Isabelle