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  • darn it...not from that thread....and i can't see my past posts due to that this forums can only hold up to 20 pages of posts....

    now, you said it in red and it must be a fact....hmmmm, can't remember where we have spoken outside of SPPf....*groan*....you're giving me a hard challenge >:D

    my turn:

    is it an e-mail?? or a site perhaps??
    lol i thought it was about professor oak xD

    WTF...you did???...hmmm...now the mystery lies on that post...

    my turn:

    is it the..."what's your real name thread" ??....i shouldn't have posted my real name there -_-...my name's so icky...so much for me looking at the past VMs....reply if i'm correct...and if it is correct, i win :D
    Heart of Oak??....hmmm....darn you are confusing me....xD

    you already did your turn...you said that if i look on the VM history, i can't see my full name there.....hmmm, let me check first...

    btw, my turn:

    you maybe saw my e-mail from someone or sumthin'??

    gimme hints, put it in red

    red = fact
    Well, it's freshman for your first in year in High School. I'm in Middle School. What time is it for you now? It's 7:50 AM for me.
    hmmm....it's my turn...

    let me guess...i already said my full name when i started chatting with you...am i right??

    ^ now that's a move, you can move by either answering the question, returning a question or make up a story...you can do anything you want :)

    that's the chess i want >:D
    ahahahahaha gotcha :)

    then...no, not the literal chess xD

    it's like i have this pawn then i use it to battle you (like a human or sumthin' xD)
    Cool. I didn't know if you got it or not. Next time I send you or harryheart a chapter (anyone else something important) I'll put it on Track Message, so I can know if you, hh, or anyone else read it.

    Yeah, I started Middle school today. 7th grade, first year. I have to say the lockers were annoying.
    uh-huh..it's your turn...let's play a game just like chess :D

    i'm waiting for your turn...(busy with school)
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