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  • lol...it's better to be with friends..

    and i would surely want to meet you...after all, you could be something that i don't really expect....i like mysteries so...give it all your best shot >:D
    i would hide in my closet for a week *shrugs*

    are you saying...ur either...my neighbor or classmate?? you're lying that you live in Australia?? why are you avoiding my opinion?? aw c'mon...i would be happy if i meet you xD...what's gotten in my mind these days??...and it seems you chose to not answer the question..it seems like you don't want me to have suspicion on you, eh??...xD this mystery is getting better and better by the second >:D..
    what if a male stalks you O___o xD

    well, ;_;....i don't really know what's happenin' now....it seems like you are just my neighbor...or my classmate....but anyhow, you'll still be my best friend in SPPF xD...it would be fun for you to read my mind again :D....what is my class adviser's name??...either last name, first name or full name...

    i'm goin' to put it on the right now :D
    lol...i love it when someone stalks me xD

    aw c'mon...i'm being serious here ;_;....i really want to know if you can really read minds...or just gathered some information from friends in SPPF etc....

    ok, i think i'll put it on the right :D
    oh, a friendly stalk...i thought it was an obsessive stalk....

    I DON'T KNOW YOU ANYMORE!!!!!! WHO ARE YOU!!!!! BRING THE OLD TEPI BACK!!!!!!!!!! ;_; T.T......and it's Karlo not Carlo xD....well...at least you got them correct....i'm so freaked right now...THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION, NO JOKES...THIS BRINGS PROOF THAT OTHER UNBELIEVABLE THINGS EXIST: can you really read minds??...i searched mah whole profile and i didn't show my full name, nor typed it in the details...nor showed my e-mail address...how?? how do you do it??? oh please tell me T.T

    well, should i put the banner at left alignment, right or center???
    hahahaha....stalking you for what?? who could that be letter "G"

    O___o...then what's my last name if you REALLY can read minds??...E-MAIL ME YOUR TRAIT!!!!

    done...removed some texts :D...i need support from the master...should i align it to the left, right, or any adjustments??
    stalked..by..whom???...oh please god not me

    now..i am just....freaked....i mean, i am not freaked by gore and blood and those withces in umineko and higurashi....but...I AM FREAKED BY YOU O__o...how the hell did you know my REAL name??? xD....can you really read minds??? you've done that before on me xD...anyways, i want to share the same trait :(

    i'm going to delete some texts in mah sig...there's too many
    did i said stalk?? must've made a typo xD....why would i call you a stalker??? first of all, i know you're kind and generous...virtually though xD

    my girlfriend's mother just had a baby!!! it's a boy and i think this is it's first month of living outside the womb :'D i'm so happy...i think they named it after me...drake's not my real name btw...

    awww....charice became a guest in Oprah xD

    look at it :D...it's in mah sig btw
    talk talk talk talk talk stalk talk talk talk

    i extended 2 hours so i can chat with mah virtual frined xD

    oh, cools :D she's like the virtual celine dion xD....anyways, have you heard about charice pempengco from the philippines??

    do you like mah banner?? lil crickee made it :D i just love her...
    good :D

    i will go to sleep...maybe...after 2 hours??

    xD talk about time extending

    so yeah, i understand what hatsune is...she is like a singing diva in the cyber space...right???
    oh, hi :D

    talk about luck...we crossed paths again xD

    i gotta sleep later though...as i said..i only go online here for an hour or so...but oh well xD...don't mind me

    i was listening to that song and i really didn't think that it would mean "flat-chested" xD

    this really fits some anime characters xD

    friends are nice...oh my, what's gotten into me...

    I AM YOUR FATHER....(you should dramatically say no)

    wha?? temple???

    mwahahahaha!! nobody can beat us!!!

    well, one male and lots of girls...so we can be mighty duo ;D
    friends are people who help other friends in you problem, i don't know why i'm saying these anyway...

    yep...REALLY xD

    i am zeus' hidden son!!!

    well, i least expect a girl not watching anime xD

    if that happens, i'll help you!!! i'll be there with you!!! xD

    they play around with you because they like you...but i really like being surrounded with girls more than boys....WHICH DO YOU PREFER???
    wow, that's weird xD

    oct. is the month of witches ;D

    the island of man-eating giants i explored...wait, this is odysseus...

    it seems like she's an anime character...

    W8...WHY DO GIRLS SEEM TO WANT TO HUG AND KISS YOU OFTEN???? the next thing they'll do to you is they'll circle you and *************** you

    are you that attractive to girls??? i'm envious xD
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