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  • Yeah, that wasn't the best decision. They could have easily made Juan a different Type specialist, maybe Ground, as that could still be associated with Sootopolis City and the Cave of Origin.
    I agree, I do like Steven better as a Champion. Plus Wallace has a good role in the game too. I liked him in Emerald as Champion, as he definitely does come across as being greater than just a Gym Leader, but at the same time, he just isn't as imposing as Steven. I like how he takes a good in-between role in ORAS.
    Sure, Pikachu is generally the one in the limelight, but since Pikachu won't be getting a Mega Evolution (probably, I won't rule it out), I would think Raichu would ride Pikachu's coattails and get a Mega. As for Milotic, I thought Wallace would have Mega Milotic in Episode Delta when he uses his Champion team. Since he's obviously good friends with Steven, it would make sense for him to also get Mega Evolution.
    Well, I also had Gardevoir and Absol, but never used their Megas in-game. And yeah, I think everyone's surprised Flygon didn't get one. The ones that most surprise me are Milotic and Raichu, I really expected them both to get ones.
    Yeah, it does kinda stink, but I'm not too perturbed by it. I never really used any Megas besides Charizard X, Lucario, and Gyarados in X. Now I just use Swampert and Metagross in OR.
    What? Super-effective against Gallade? There is no such thing. Gallade is invincible.

    A lot of my favorite Pokemon got Megas! I was really happy to see Pidgeot and Glalie get them, especially considering how overall unexpected they were.
    It really is. I left it off for the whole main game, but then I turned it on afterward, so it's helping out a lot.
    I have no issues, I've been fine since Black and White. I still don't understand it; everything since BW has been fine, including Conquest, but everything from before doesn't, including the Mystery Dungeon and Ranger games. But yes, I certainly can with my 3DS. I already fought Torp once, though that was kind of a lame battle, given that my team at the time was Mudkip, Beldum, and Ralts and his wasn't much better :p
    Yeah, I'm loving ORAS so far. Haven't even played Smash yet. Project M? I've heard of it and read about it, but never played it.
    Rescuing that cat ... lemur ... thing, whatever the heck it was, took literally about a quarter of the time the fishing in TP did. Seriously, I was doing that fishing part for like 45 minutes :p But yes, SS was really bogged down with fetch quests, that was definitely one of the game's low points.
    Yeah, they really are drawn out a lot, though I really wasn't that bugged by it. At least SS didn't make you go fishing XD
    Here's hoping that means it's super-ultra-awesome! Which granted, it would have to be a step back from the original to NOT be awesome.

    Yeah, it's weird, when I first played it I was like "oh my gosh this is so much better than TP this is just freaking awesome!" Then the second time through, I was like "eh, this is still really good, but there's definitely some really tedious parts to it." Then I started playing more TP and I was like "okay, this is actually better than I remembered, this is really good", and then I started talking to you about this and I was like "oh my gosh this post is a train wreck, I should really shut up" :p
    I'm not extremely surprised, though I was beginning to doubt since it had been awhile since OoT3D. But the fact that we still likely have a whole year left before Zelda U, not to mention all the MM hints and references everywhere, definitely made me think it was a good possibility.

    I think we've had this discussion before :p My own opinion on SS really waxes and wanes. It depends on which part of the game I'm thinking of. I love it up through the first five dungeons, then get rather turned off by the sixth dungeon and the various little missions that follow before you can get to the final battle, where I start loving it again. Overall, I'd say I like it more than OoT, but not as much as WW, MM, or TP. Though it does have the best music of them all. And I'm pretty sure we've had this discussion before :p
    Yeah, I haven't even been playing it much lately. I've been focusing on New Leaf, Hyrule Warriors, and replaying Link Between Worlds. Oh, and MM3D announced! Finally!

    Yes, yes it does.
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