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  • Same here.

    And again, same here. I like Smash 3D, but I admittedly keep getting screwed up with the controls, I can't wait for Smash Wii U. And I just started college a couple months ago!
    Exactly, we've seen so little from MK8 and it already looks beautiful! And crap, I'd completely forgotten Pikmin 3. It's also a gorgeous game . . . that I still have to beat. I'm ready for the final boss, but I was trying to get the rest of the fruit first.
    I don't believe PH had an instrument, but you're right, I really didn't like the Spirit Flute, it could be really annoying at some parts. And yeah, the Wii U is incredible. I would say WWHD, MK8, and Nintendo Land have the most stunning graphics of any Nintendo games. Smooth, beautiful, and superb lighting effects.
    Yeah, they were both really good. I also liked ST better because it basically took everything that was wrong with PH and fixed it. Not to say PH was bad. On the contrary, I really liked it except for the freaking Temple of the Ocean King. I've heard a lot of people bash on the game, but that 's really the only part I didn't like. Overall, I thought it was a great game. And yeah, they didn't really have great graphics, but it's not like the DS had that much capability. And yeah, I swear the 3DS has better graphics than the Wii! ALBW is beautiful.
    To each their own! I really liked Skyward Sword's graphics, but I agree that Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were even better in that department. The DS games are only so-so as well, though I think they're a lot better than some people give them credit for. Still, they don't hold a candle to the 3D titles. And yes, I've played ALBW and loved it, it's easily my favorite non-3D Zelda game.
    I agree, although I think we'll get 2-3 spin-off games (New Pokémon Link, that Wii U Pokémon Fighters thing etc.)
    I just realised how similar we are! You want Hoenn Remakes, I want Hoenn Remakes! You plough hours into Fire Emblem: Awakening, as do I!
    I really love . . . well, pretty much every Zelda game except the Oracle games, which are painfully annoying and just overall average. Here's my list:

    1. Wind Waker
    2. Majora's Mask
    3. Skyward Sword
    4. Twilight Princess
    5. Ocarina of Time (honestly, SS, TP, and OoT are about a tie, it's really really close)
    6. Link Between Worlds
    7. Link's Awakening
    8. Link to the Past
    9. Spirit Tracks
    10. Phantom Hourglass

    My first was Ocarina of Time, so it's probably the most nostalgic for me. I still have the most fun with Wind Waker and I think it has the best overworld and story, but it honestly is pretty weak compared to other games in terms of dungeons and bosses. Majora's Mask is easily the most atmospheric and emotional, and it really has the most fleshed-out world. Ocarina of Time probably has the best dungeons and bosses. Twilight Princess has probably my favorite soundtrack, along with SS. It's still just a really awesome game that has very few weak points. The only real negative I can think of is that it didn't have great dungeons, but even then they weren't terrible, except Lakebed and City in the Sky; I remember really having fun with Goron Mines and the Arbiters' Grounds is one of my favorite dungeons from the series. Skyward Sword may be a bit tedious and padded in the latter half of the game, but I really don't mind it and I think it probably has the best gameplay of the series. Unlike most people, I am a huge fan of the motion controls, I think they were put to spectacular use in SS.

    So . . . wow, mega rant :p As a note, I really want Minish Cap, I've heard it's awesome.
    Skyward Sword HD might be a bit much XD but yeah, a Majora's Mask remake would be phenomenal. It's nearly my favorite Zelda game, only barely beaten out by Wind Waker.
    That's what I'd started wondering about. Maybe all the hints and references seem to be hinting at MM3D, but in reality it's actually having to do with Zelda U. It would be pretty awesome to have a brand new game that plays off of Majora's Mask. Maybe the transformation mask mechanics would even return.
    I've never played one of those either, but from what little we've seen so far, it looks cool. Yeah, I'm sure it'll be awhile at least if we get a MM3D, but I'm still thinking it'll happen. There have still been some hints dropped lately.
    You are more than likely correct. In all honesty, I'm expecting 2015 for Zelda U. I've still got high hopes for MM 3D though. And I'm pretty excited for Hyrule Warriors.
    I . . . really don't know what I'm getting, honestly. MK8 is the only thing that immediately comes to mind, though I'm sure there are some others I'm forgetting.
    You should get Conquest, it's actually really fun. It's obviously very different from every other Pokemon game, but still great. Plus there are over 30 post-game chapters, many of which are as long as the main story itself.
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