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Shadow XD001

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  • ACNL is still leading mine, with Soulsilver a close second (because I've played through it like four times on my 3DS). Then is Pokemon Conquest, Kid Icarus Uprising, and FEA.
    Wow, that's a lot. I think the only games I'm over 100 hours in are ACNL and most main series Pokemon games.
    I know, I'm back to loving it again! I probably never would have stopped playing in the first place if it wasn't for X&Y. I'm getting ready for Chapter 12 now.
    Yeah, I don't know anyone who actually has Katrina's shop either :p And I am back to playing FEA! I picked it up again last night and now I'm getting ready for Chapter 10.

    Happy New Year to you as well!
    Yeah, it was weird. I got the game in June, yet I didn't meet Gracie once until October. Then I met her twice in one week, and the other two times over the course of the past two months :p I need to get back to FEA too, I'd made it up to like Chapter 9 or so before X&Y came out, at which point I just stopped XD
    Progress in ACNL? Ooh, where to begin. I've gotten the department store fully upgraded thanks to Gracie. I've gotten the back room, upstairs, and basement of my house added on and fully expanded. I've had some villagers come and go. All in all, pretty basic stuff. Right now, I've been playing ALBW and Sonic Colors, and I also got SM3DW, Sonic Lost World, and Bowser's Inside Story for Christmas. I've only got one Sage left to save in ALBW, plus around 20 baby Maiamais and like 8 Pieces of Heart.
    Wow, that's awesome. I still haven't gotten a shiny in X yet. Then again, I haven't really been playing anything but ACNL lately.
    Geez, it has been quite awhile, hasn't it? Yikes, sorry for vanishing on you. But I really haven't been up to much :p How about you?
    Hey thanks! Fire Emblem is sooo good!

    Are you looking forward to Shim Megami X Fire Emblem on Wii U?
    Thanks! And it's fine that it's late. I haven't been on hardly at all either. I'd went almost two weeks without being on, up until just a couple days ago.
    I'm not a huge fan of it myself, but the game looks worth it. I won't be super-obsessive about getting lots of figures, just my favorites. And I've never looked much into TW101, but I hear it's supposed to be really good. I'll look up so more about it later.
    *spits hot coffee all over the screen* $75?!?!?! Geez, I hadn't even looked at that. Granted, it makes sense since it has three of the figures with it, but that's still more money than I really want to be spending, especially when I'm going on vacation next month and XY and WW come out in October. I do definitely want Disney Infinity, but I'll probably save it for my birthday when I don't have to buy it myself :p
    Yeah, I've spent the past two years writing the first book of a planned trilogy. I finally finished the first draft last week, and thanks to an author friend of mine, I've already gone through the editing process for the first half. And no, I don't have Disney Infinity yet, but I definitely plan to. It looks incredible.
    It feels good to get back into the fan-fiction game. I'd been out of it for awhile because I'd been focusing on my first non-fan-fic novel. I finally finished the first draft last week, and I immediately felt like going back to my fan-fics. But the next chapter of DoD kept falling flat and I felt like starting something really goofy; that's where Sgt. Froakie comes in.
    Hey, have you seen my latest fan-fiction news? Long story short, I've decided to put DoD on hiatus (which it basically has been anyway) until I feel my continued work on it is of the highest possible quality. In the meantime, I've started up a new fic, Sgt. Froakie, as something of a break.
    I've always heard great things about the Mother series, so I figured I should probably get Earthbound when it was announced.

    Doesn't suck as much as X&Y and WWHD both coming out in October :p
    $14.99, to be precise. I definitely want to get Earthbound soon, though Pikmin 3 will probably come first.

    I know! I'm super-excited for both. I'm getting Pikmin 3 the day it comes out, but it'll probably be at least a week or so after Dream Team before I can get it.
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