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  • Thanks, I got them before you sent your message. Thanks anyways ;)
    Oh and for Hippopotas, here's the strategy I used to find (and catch) it. Catch 10 different Unown and the Ruin Maniac will extend the Maniac Tunnel. That will make it more common. :)
    The Feebas/Hippodon help:

    There was a trainer in D/P who had a Feebas/Machoke and another pokemon before you reach the town for 8th Badge isnt he still there? Or fish in the part of Mt.Cornet where it was before. I dont own Pt yet but its the best or help i can come up with.

    In D/P it was found in the Ruins Manic Cave before based on Unown before if i remember correctly. Dam if i was able to trade i'd trade one from my Diamond or Pearl but i cant no proper connection for D/P.
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