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  • me too...it's soooo boring reading german...i have that as my foreign language at school...we have to read this text so well...and tomorrow or wednesday we even have to record it, so the teacher can evaluate us...
    sorry i was battling i just your message, im in the wifi room now and i will for the rest evening ill be waiting for you. so just come in. i use voice chat if thats ok.
    hmm i like your quotes, heres a couple for you.

    life is what you make it, so make it worth it.

    courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.

    dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow

    hope you like em =)
    i gave you the friend code in the last message jiku is name code is 2621-8527-2990 i need yours once i get yours (ill check ur sig) ill be in the wifi room pretty much all day. i look forward to our battle i am confidant it will be a good one.
    i also have a shaymin that you can have but its kinda idk not very easy to obain friendship with i even though you give it the soothe bell.....
    i do in fact have a TRU shaymin for the flower you seek you may borrow it if i have your word you will return it. and i am attached my arceus but i suppose i can trade darkrai for a non legendary of decent status IF you can beat me in a pokemon double battle or at least impress me. dont worry about level well do lvl 100 boost. you may any pokemon you like i wont be using ubers or hacked or anything besides my favorites. so take advantage of it. i figured the darkrai would be more fullfilling if you earned it. its untouched good nature and great ivs. my fc is jiku:2621-8527-2990
    hello i have "legit" arceus from hall of origin but azure flute came from ar and a legit darkrai from newmoon island and i hope he knows that the only way get arceus from gts is to "cheat" until the 12th movie comes out. cuz you cant gts arceus unless youve seen him and the only way to do that is use ar or hack it. or trade with a friend. he should just admit it so he doesnt look bad lol *pats shaymin on the back*. anyway ill trade either if you have or can get pokechannel jirachi with a decent nature. (naive,hasty,timid,rash,mild,modest) thats all im really looking for.
    lol arceus and darkri are not legit YET but eh i have one. I DO NOT CHEAT. It was from the gts lolz~ love that place~
    Well, I have the TRU shaymin. Does that count? And no, I hacked the Arceus and Lugia and dont even HAVE a Darkrai. But do you want the Shaymin or something? I'll be happy to make a trade.
    Well I've gotten some new Pokemon. Heeere they are:
    "Rugia"-Lugia, "Artie"-Articuno, "Destroyer"-Feraligatr, "Flame"-Infernape, "Blasty"-Blastoise, Mewtwo, Entei, and "Diaruga"-Dialga. I got them from a trade from Pearl to Platinum.
    •§Ħªdøw• is that maybe you? I'm palamon (the breloom) from PIF.
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