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  • Hey Shadow, is there a connection problem with Pokecheck. I can't access the site but a friend is trying to get my SID for me, but he can't connect.
    Yeah same here man. lol. And yeah I doubt this weekend is good but maybe during the week because I am on Winter Break. I use IR-GTS [fake gts] when I can, but a good friend of mine does clone for me using an Action Replay.
    Hey man. Nothing much at all. you? and I know, but same here. Of course I will still help you with that team ^^
    Hey Shadow! Have you tried anything with that team? Sorry I haven't kept in touch with you. :/
    Hey, Shadow. It's alright dude, but I am mostly going to be free during this Friday if that's cool. I don't have time Wed or Thurs
    Oh yeah I guess you're right. lol I was thinking his stats were opposite for some reason. But anyways your team looks good with synergy so far as it's really only weak to water, ice, fighting, and rock. Golem as a wall and Starmie as a special sweep. kinda evens out your team.
    Yeah that's not good. Dusclops is good. I like him a lot. Haven't seen him in doubles. But do you ever watch youtube pokemon battles? You shold watch Shofu. He knows what he is doing in every aspect of the game. You should watch him. But anyways Chansey and Blissey are great special walls (probably the best in the game) but terrible defensive walls. They have a base stat of 5 and 10 -_-. So yeah don't worry abotu them physically. I am leaning towards Tentacruel. Set up and wall.
    Oh there you go :p Skarmory is eh with a sun team since he'll be way too weak to sun. Umbreon is weak to the most dominate typing in the metagame right now which is fighting. He would be usable though because he does have a immunity. Bronzong is same with Skarmory. Tangrowth I have seen though because he has regenerator and with HP fire, and sleep powder is good.
    Mmm not at all, Conkeldurr is a Tank but he goes down easily with effective moves. Snorlax is very specially defensive. I am thinking of maybe Miltank, or yeah... Not coming to me right now. :p
    Oh!:O that awesome:) and I have a offer that I am waiting for a response for a trade for one maybe if that doesnt go through. Also so what's your team now? Ninetales, sawsbuck, defensive heatran(if you can get one) and honchcrow? You need maybe a physical wall and a support poke.
    IDK how I overlooked this but I forgot that Sucker Punch is a 4th gen move :/ scratch honch off i guess
    Yeah he's awesome. I still need a DWf of my own. lol And oh don't worry about it.
    So for Honch I like the set
    -Drill Peck/Brave Bird
    -Sucker Punch
    EVs: 252 Att/ 252 Speed
    So this is a set I like for doubles. Protect lets you scout but taunt can kill Amoongus and Whimsicott in doubles. Drill Peck/Brave Bird your pick. With DP though I suggest sub and with brave bird I suggest roost. Just helps Honch live long out on the field. and then Sucker Punch to kill those guys we talked about. lol
    I haven't tried Spiritomb be he could work. I like Honchcrow personally because that moxie boost and at max attack and adamant nature with a sucker punch he can OHKO a Gengar and even Latios.
    Okay that sets fine. But with that Gengar can wall you easily being immune to 2 of your moves and resists Horn Leech. Also watch out for taunters such as Froslass who can wall you as well. You could build off of there and add something with sucker punch or even a Gengar of your own. I have seen Gengar used in doubles and he does well. Does take effective hits well but he's a special sweep anyways. And alright he's pretty easy going. cya :p
    Hey sorry, Shadow, I went and watched movie in the living room. :p But anyways I prefer Victreebel because he gets sucker punch which is great but it's a 4th Gen move:/ I know lame. Sawsbuck has a lot of potential though so if you want to use him then by all means use him! He has great potential in using a Choice Band/Life Orb set since the sun give him all the set up he needs. With that kind of set I recommend
    -Double Edge/Return
    -Horn Leech
    -Jump Kick
    -Wild Charge
    With set you get the benefit of 2 stabs, Jump Kick who hits Ttar who cause weather wars hard. And also Wild charge hits flying types like skarmory who otherwise wall you. But you can go with Substitute over Wild Charge if you rather go with a life orb set. And oh okay. But if you want you can always RNG something for Evan in the trade threads. I know he has like 3 different variations of Heatran.
    Okay well first things first is that of you want a weather team you need to rely on the weather maker but you will most likely have your whole team relying on the weather.also synergy is key. So with sun chlorophyll is great. You will prob want at least one of these. Victreebell and I think sawbuck get the ability. But anyways heatran is almost essential as a wall but if you're avoiding it then Donphan can make a decent entry hazard substitute. I am kinda getting ahead of myself. Lol. First thing you want is at least one wall and one sweep. Let's start from there
    Alright. So first things first you have to have somewhat of an objective with the team. It can be balanced, hyper offense, stall, you name it. Then after that you need to pick a pokemon and just build off of that.
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