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  • Hi, thanks for the reply :)
    Okay, I can get egg moves and gen 4 tutor/tm moves really easily. My friends and I alltogether have 10 HG/SS games! So we often restart on just for like a Stealth Rock TM lol. We also have heaps of BP.
    I have a Wish eevee ready to trade.
    Would u trade the Murkrow for 2 or 3 egg move and/or DW pokes? If so tell me what u want most, I can get pretty much anything real quick :)
    Cheers :3
    These are the DW pokemon I can breed for you.

    Butterfree Pidgey Nidoran Vulpix Zubat Oddish Psyduck Growlithe Tentacool Slowpoke Farfetch'd Krabby Exeggcute Lickitung Tangela Kangaskhan Scyther Magikarp Lapras Eevee Kabuto Dratini Ledyba Pichu Igglybuff Natu Marill Hoppip Sunkern Yanma Murkrow
    Remoraid Stantler Smeargle Miltank Poochyena Zigzagoon Lotad Tailow Wingull Swablu Lileep Anorith Feebas Tropius Shinx Buizel Buneary
    I actually got a shiny Bulbasaur today but I am still interested in the deerling. Shiny, flawless and jolly would be great. And nickname it Timber for me, please. What can I trade you in return?
    Heya, Shadow. I'm interested in getting you to RNG a bulbasaur for me. Would you be willing to do that and what would you want in return? Let me know, man.
    BTW I recommend the first thing you do as a TSS member is sign up for our war team tournament. Even if you don't do well it's still a good way to get introduced in the clan, especially since it's round-robin. Deadline is 12PM eastern Sunday!
    Hello Shadow_Assailant I am interested in ur recently RNGed adamant DW Murkrow. R u willing to part with it? What sort of things r u looking for? I've got heaps of shinies, a few flawless shinies, basically all items and can do egg moves :)
    Yea I had the trial version. It worked all right, but that watermark is kinda in the way. Just let me know when you think you're ready and I can email them to you.
    I have yet to test the quicktime screencaster since only I shelled out the money for snow leopard 2 weeks ago. I was going to use ScreenFlow to screencast, use my digital camera for video of my DS, and use iMovie to make it. I have done a little work on making powerpoints for it though.
    Would you be willing to make some youtube videos on PPRNG use once youre "pro" at it if I sent you some powerpoints? I would but I doubt I will have the time for it
    Hey, I saw you RNG, I want to learn it myself and asked Kaiser a lot about it, but do you have a DS lite or Dsi?
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