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  • Serebii Pokémon 2011-12 Christmas Tournament!
    Hey all, to sign up for this tournament, PM me your FC and times available. Sign up is from today, the 6th of December, to the 20th of December. The tourney itself will be from the 21st of December to the 3rd of January next year. As you can see, I have a very busy holiday just for the enjoyment of SPPF! This tourney will be hosted by Guardianofthesea and the HOD ( Head of Department ) will be Jon17. It will be held ON THE NINTENDO DS WIFI SYSTEM, so make sure and have WIFI on your DS. There will only be the following Clauses:
    1. Species Clause
    2. Item Clause
    3. Self-KO Clause
    4. OHKO Clause
    5. Evasion Clause
    There WILL BE NO Ubers allowed in this tourney, only OU Pokémon and UU Pokémon are allowed, although the grand prize for winning IS an Uber. The Grand Prize for winning this tourney will be a 100 % legit Arceus!!! Make sure and participate, but remember, breaking any of the above clauses will result in automatically being disqualified from the tourney. In addition to the five above clauses, we have my own rules:
    1. There will be no switching involved, a Pokémon must battle until it is knocked out!
    2. You cannot use more than 3 items in any one battle!
    3. You cannot heal any one Pokémon’s HP, heal Makuhita’s HP once and then you can’t anymore! That means only six heals are permitted in one battle.
    Okay, that’s the rules department down! Make sure and read the clauses that will be put into effect and my own rules carefully! Don’t forget your Grand Prize and I am looking forward to lots of participation!
    HOD: JON17
    Team galactique will be organizing a tournament. If you are interested or can't please post that you can't/ will participate.( PO or Game)
    Now that's the kind of car you'd see a bad a*s old man in and when he drives next to you on the stop light he looks over at you and when you look back he's got tons of women also looking at you and then the old man smiles and he has this gold tooth that sparkles once and then he drives off when the red light turns green and then you're just there with a lowered jaw and you have like 15 people behind you honking to start driving.

    XD Sorry I had to. But COME ON it was funny.

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    I guess I will. Though I can assure you I'll listen to them only once. Because like I said I don't listen to music much at all. Plus there are very very few types of music I like.
    Well I think it would take like a 13 year old girl to take it that far don't ya think? XP

    I hope I live that long so I can say, "YOU DERN KIDS!! MISTREATING YER ELDERS!! BACK IN MY DAY!! WE HAD COMPUTERS AND POKEMON!!! NOT ANY OF THIS FLYING DOBO CAR CRAP!!!" Yeah... I can almost see myself now...

    I don't listen to a lot of music ,but I have heard that one particular song.
    I know you don't know me ,but I NEED to get these things off my back.
    1) I've seen this profile three times-- each time I saw your age I thought it said you were 108.
    2) Seeing your user name I always thought you were a male.
    3) Your signature is bad a*s.
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