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    1. awlccl123
      can yo feel the sunshine (or get the reference?)
    2. The Lemonkraken
      The Lemonkraken
      It's up, it's finally up.
    3. Groudonny the groundstar
      Groudonny the groundstar
      You need more message, rwar.
    4. duncan
      I know. I'm just too lazy to go and look for it. XD

    5. duncan
      XD I've never watched Monty Python at all, TBH. XD

      Oh yeah, Falcon Lunch. Ouch, that one hurt.
    6. duncan
      lol So that's where that came from...

      I suppose he just felt like falcon pinching me...
    7. duncan
      Nope. But I know the ham sandwich song.

      XD Oh fine.

      Nope, it'll go away eventually.
    8. duncan
      Or the ham sandwich song.

      Like Blaziken. XD

      Yeah. It's happened to me a couple times before, too.
    9. duncan
      Yeah. Weird habit of mine, really. XD

      Yeah? I might take a look and see...

      Mine was doing the same thing earlier, but it went away a few minutes ago.
    10. duncan
      Heh, sure I guess.

      Nope. I like to pretend that I'm sane, actually. XD

      Eh...I really don't feel like I can contribute anything...
    11. duncan
      I know it's not impossible, but I think it's more likely he did it as a laugh. Unless we see it happen again, anyway. And I think an IP ban has to be done manually by an admin, unfortunately. And people can change theirs, so it's impossible to ban them. Look at Jay.

      Well okay then. XD

    12. duncan
      Supposedly. Called himself the Phantom, and said he'd hack into whoever's account he wanted. IDK if he was for real, though.

      :( Oh great. XD
    13. duncan
      That's the one. Took all of two minutes for all his posts to be deleted and for him to get banned. XD

      Oh great, I'm back to wrist strap again? -_-
    14. duncan

      Haven't watched them all yet, but I lol'd at the first two.

      You see what's going on? Someone says they hacked into diamondrulez account and is spamming all over the place.
    15. duncan
      XD Well...some of these are pretty funny...so go ahead and make me a full member. :P
    16. duncan
      XD What's wrong with being 2/3s?
    17. duncan
      Wow, thanks for the list SN. I'll start watching some of them, then.
    18. duncan
      I don't remember the names, it was a while ago. If you have some good links, though...
    19. duncan
      XD This has been eating you up, hasn't it? TBH, I've only watched a couple of bad ones, really.
    20. Wiimote
      Alright, as soon as I upload my Count Bleck Challenger Approching image to Photobucket. *is irritated because Photobucket killed the quality of the last image I uploaded*
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