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  • Also I think my username will be changing today, if it is you should look for me and my username will be DizzyCobraMew
    Go to pokecheck and look at ANY shiny celebi and read its results it will say this pokemon cant be shiny, if a hacked shiny zekrom or reshiram is on there and if its results say the same thing then we have our answer
    yeah i think they hacked, that being said there is only 1 way i can think of to prove this wrong, pokecheck a hacked shiny zekrom or reshiram from BW2 and see the results
    Cool I'd like that chatot just for pokedex data and trade back that is if we can both trade tonight, and actually all Zekrom and Reshiram on black and white 1 and 2 have shiny locks on them :(
    Sorry for the delay I lost my phone and it had died, I have a shiny jolly and shiny adamant kyurem I can trade, I really need any glameow, and chatot I could trade one for both of those 2 (shiny or not), they are RNG'd by Agonist here so their ID no. Are both 00001 and they were legally caught just reset encounter after they were caught, this was done by using an AR but Pokecheck says they are still legit and legal both are in q great ball, their IV'S are 31/31/31/19/31/31 want one? I also have a T lv100 timid kyurem, and one RNG'd by QuoteMaster and its timid and I think flawless she did NOT use an AR to do this just RNG'D it and has not and probably won't use that wretched AR device :)
    well you could do careful, bold, adamant, jolly, or sassy mamoswine, mine is adamant with icicle crash, ice shard, iron head, and earthquake
    I have most of a hail team set but they all have the same weaknesses Froslass, abomasnow, regice, mamoswine, possibly articuno, black kyurem (when allowed), possibly Cresselia, when it has ice beam or icy wind mainly
    The shops been good, and for an ice team I have 2 obvious choices, if you are making a hail team or just ice team either way you should probably usr abomasnow, and definitely regice, great sp. Bulk
    Same old same old, I fell in the freshmen pond in front of my school last week, and I missed 4 days of school in a row, no make up work, and I'm getting out of a class I was out in this year that I apparently passed last year, nothing else is new
    Yep I have both, pre ordered both, got genesect as well, I have all 8 badges on white 2 and have barely started black 2 yet, I have these for my white 2 team
    Lucario has strength
    Genesect for flying
    Azurill for surfing only
    I switch off a lot for the last 2 between an arcanine, Scrafty, regice, PorygonZ, and abomasnow all traded from Black 1
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