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  • Also, to answer you from DoM's thread - I'm all up for reading other ships, even rival ones. The only thing I have is that it be short (hypocritical, possibly, but I don't have a lot of time, unfortunately). I will definitely look into the songfic. :3
    As for my better writing - Contest Tie is not only one of the longest pieces on this board (41 episodes, methinks) but it is also one of the oldest, meaning that the first chapters are going to seem like complete crap compared to what you saw in DoM. Just a warning.
    Check out Treehouse Saga for pre-DoM-like material - it's just as...weird, I guess you could say
    It's not a problem at all. ^^ And congrats on being the minority that thinks I'm nice. XDDD Glad you enjoyed the story a lot!
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