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Last Activity:
Jan 17, 2012
Dec 30, 2006
Likes Received:
Apr 24, 1990 (Age: 30)
Switzerland, Europe

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...indeed..., 30, from Switzerland, Europe

shadow_shipper was last seen:
Jan 17, 2012
    1. Nightning
      *looks @ your profile pic* hey! dray/marew looks good!
    2. legendarypokemonjunkie17
      Well, I'm not really able to have access to a computer. In fact, I'm using one at the library. I hope to be writing again in the next month or 2. Thanks for dropping in to see how I was, it's much appreciated!

      Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and best wishes for '09!
    3. Rave The Rich
      Rave The Rich

      I have no problem with that. I've got many people around the net who have the same issue going on. I hope you can regain that passion, though, as for many months you were the only one to review 'All Roads' and provide thoughts on it. I know it's lengthy, but the people who read it love it.

      Maybe reading it will get that passion back. I know I'll never lose that. I thought I lost my laptop today, but it turned out to be yet another false alarm. Even so, I would have worked my tail off to provide people with entertainment and themes they rarely find elsewhere. I think that because I deliver more of a public service and provide such vivid and relevant commentary, that sets me apart and gives me more of a purpose.

      Perhaps that's what you and other writers and reviewers need; a purpose beyond just writing.

      Well, that's my thought on the matter. I'll leave you with a message wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and hope that all is well anyhow!

      -Rave The Rich
    4. Hakajin
      Oh, hope you had a good one, too! Heh, I've been active on the forums lately, but not in the shipping section. I sorta jumped ships back around July...
    5. Jazmin (Jasmine)
      Jazmin (Jasmine)
      ^^ Merry (late) Christmas to you as well. :D
    6. Encyclopika
      Powaa to Ebay! Seriously - got my boyfriend the DSi (the new DS only out in Japan right now) for his birthday thanks to that place. :3
      When I was in highschool, we did the exchanging thing. It's not like we had to give to everyone, but it was fun. Last year I actually gave very thoughtful gifts. ^^ Now I can't afford it. ^^;
    7. Medea
      Oh you start in Feb? I have to go back in the middle of January. Just as well. I took a semester off because of the move to Oakland.

      Oh and a lot of my fans are butt-kissers. :p My butt is for sitting, not for kissing!
    8. Encyclopika
      Shopping was insane, of course not! XD I finished all mine on Black Friday anyway. The rest I mostly did online on Ebay. >D
    9. Medea
      Sorry I'm late as hell, but hope you had a good holiday. And that's quite alright. Take your time. It's all good.

      This is what happens when I'm gone for 3 days from here. I get millions of messages from people.
    10. Encyclopika
      Happy holidays to you too. ^^
      It was so funny - it had snowed late in the week last week, and so everyone thought there'd actually be snow for Xmas, but low and behold, there was rain and so there was no snow. XD Actually, it wasn't even that cold.
    11. ChloboShoka
      Thanks, same to you. ^_^
      Well, been spoilt this year, as usual. Have to tidy my room at some point and yep still writing around, lol. I think I'll be expecting two more parties to come up, one being my friend's birthday on new years day, the other another school friend's one too. Most probably a sleep over.
    12. ~Mist~
      Hallo ther, Mark. XD Happy Holidays to you, too! Hope yours went well! :3

      =D! Same here!
    13. Hunter_RuLe
      Merry Christmas, Marc!
      I wish you the best luck for 2009 ^^
    14. Encyclopika
      No I'm in my first year, first semester right now. XD lol
    15. Encyclopika
      You can call me Ama. :3
      And I can imagine. My bus to college gets like that. >< But it was crazy enough that someone died at one of the stores. Not the one I was at, but I read in the newspaper that a worker got trampled on Friday from the ridiculous crowds and lack of security. .__. Sad.
    16. Encyclopika
      My real name is Amanda. Some people around here have been granted the right to call me "Ama".
      And by scary I mean the place was packed beyond its limits. Lines were out the doors and people were yelling and stuff. D:
    17. Encyclopika
      LOL You're not spamming. XD
      I've been busy and stuff. Went to Black Friday the other day for the first time and...it started off scary but then it was great. Dude, I was buying DVDs for 2$ a piece. XD And these were newer titles as well.
      Anyway, besides that I haven't really done anything. I;ve been working and chilling with friends. I actually haven't been here all week. D: But I'm back, so yeah. ^^
    18. Nathan Madien
      Nathan Madien
      Hello. How are you? :)
    19. Gazmof
      Yo. I missed you on MSN the other day. I'm assuming it was you, at least. You have a lot to answer for, mister! Did my portrayal of Drew finally make you stop reading? ^_~
    20. Hunter_RuLe
      Too bad your having quite a hard time at the university, but I'm sure it will work out just fine =)

      I'm fine by the way, although Ajax keeps messing up in the national competition lately =(
      I heard that the Barca game was quite amazing though, I still have to see it myself..

      I've been very busy with college and my own place (which rocks btw xD) too. And fairly enough I never go to facebook at all, just made one because an English holiday girlfriend of mine asked me once (Here in Holland everyone uses another facebookish website.

      You take care, hope to hear from you again!
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    Apr 24, 1990 (Age: 30)
    Switzerland, Europe
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Open-minded guy, sarcastic/cynical if situation is suitable, freindly, likes to party.

    Music, Reading, Pokemon, video games, shippings, ...


    Because of serebiiforums, my Life has been put on hold...

    ...wait, that sounds wrong...​
    ...yeah, it's the other way around.​

    My Works : A, B, C, D, E