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  • Hey there! Remember me? ^__^

    Anyway, I heard very recently that someone did the ultimate sin in fan fiction and plagiarized another highly popular work off of this site. What stupidity, no? Not to mention the fact that not only did she do what she did while not even attempting to hide it (which is just as bad, don't get me wrong), but it was completely blatant.

    I mean, the gall of it all! And I speak from experience having been plagiarized at least five times since I've been writing. Just a damn shame, but thanks for standing up and doing the right thing in this instance!

    Take care now, man! Hope to hear from you once more!

    Not so good. My plans for school have been delayed. Because of that, my mom wants me look into schools for practical nursing. But, as long as it's medicine... Plus I've been sick since St. Patrick's Day and got fully better yesterday. There were times between those days where I felt okay, but yeah, it wasn't that fun. I'm actually pretty lucky. I was only sick for five days. My sister's been sick since last Sunday and my brother got sick just yesterday. :(
    yay, I saw :D And thanks ^^
    Same D: It doesn't seem to be so popular right now -___-;; Hopefully it'll get more nominations soon :p
    Yeah, lol I'm more of a shiny collector then a competitive battler. I still like to battle sometimes, but I usually don't do very well. @(-_-)@ I guess I should learn how to EV, but it seems really confusing.
    LMAO I think it was hilarious cause it was so random. That's how saturday mornings used to be when I was younger. lol *shot*
    I sent it to ya cause of egoshippy randomness. lol.

    So asides from that, how are you? In the hope you're still not disturbed from the vid. MSN's practically froze on me.
    Wow, long time no see, Mark.
    I was amazed to recieve a friendship request from YOU, of all people, considering my long, long, long, long, long, long, longlonglong absence. Truly wonderful to know that I'm still remembered, nonetheless. :)

    Gotta head off now; school and such, but anyway, it's been nice seeing a friendly face - no, ummm... - username(?) again. (xD;;)

    Here's hoping you reply.

    Keep Smiling,
    a_f-chan ;3
    Accepted the friend request, cause you seem nice too lol. @(^_^)@

    It's fine. You can take as long as you want with it. My team isn't ready yet either. I don't EV train or anything, so you'll probably destroy me. I'll look forward to it though!=]
    Um...thanks? XD;
    I would, but I still need to catch up in one of my classes. :C But I'll try to come when I find free time. >.<
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