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  • One flamewar too many for my liking...
    Visitor message from yesterday didn't get through :/
    Can't believe I never sent you this youtube link
    Sorry about that. I actually have VERY little experience posting messages on the Internet. Yes, I will hopefully start my classes to train as a medical assistant next month.
    Sorry, I'm handing out random animations.
    I'm Madisoncm but my friends call me Maddy, I don't care what you call me.
    I love Arcanine and made alot of arcanine animations and I saw you like arcanine so I gave it to you.
    Thanks for the friend request, shadow_shipper! :) I am pretty well; how are you? I'm glad you like my stories. I plan to post one one-shot a week until I run out (excluding the bad ones, which I probably won't post). Thanks for the encouragement! :)
    The only thing that makes the Red Metagross special is that it says it's from an event and it's in a Cherish Ball.
    Ah, yeah @ writing. I used to have ideas and stuff allll the time, and like, I still do. But their not worth writing down? idk, Naruto is awesome to write for! I am still in love with Sasuhina <333

    Awesome :D

    lol! Well, I still vote for total, idk if I'm even going to participate this year... xP Do you know how they qualify who goes to the next round? Whoever gets nominated first. At least, that's what I got from it. First 3 on the list get to go to the voting round!

    Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, Mark XD I haven't yet, but I plan to soon. Maybe I'll be able to post it late February
    okay then, second gen it is!

    Ah, really? Like before, waaay before sppf and fanfiction, I was super interested in writing for fun. I used to come up with wild and crazy ideas all the time. And then I started to write fanfics and slowly, ever so slowly, I stopped writing XD; Like, as depressing as it is to me, I just have zero interest to write non-fanfics.

    Oooh, "3 years and still going strong" haha, how cool :D
    I would like that :)

    o yah, am I the only one who thinks that the shipping awards are total fail this year? D: Em sorry, I just liked the way Kris handled it last year XD;
    I have to remember plotlines first... But I have been thinking about finishing them. Which means, for some of them, I'm gonna have to delete, revise, then repost. Especially my super old ones, because those are HORRRIIIIIBBBBLLLEEE. XD
    Yeah D: I feel like we're the first generation of sppfers? Or, no, maybe second generation XD But still, it is sad. So many new faces lately...

    lol! Yeah, maybe it isn't the show changing, but us XD

    Whoops, I said make power, and I meant male. So yeah, they need some male power in there! >D
    haha, that's when you show them your kick-*** confidence >)

    D: Well, just like how you said we've grown up, I really think I've grown up from here. Can you believe it? On March 6th, 2009; I can officially say that I've been here for three years. Wowzers...
    Well I would nominate you for rising star for sure and/or most fun post (wether that is entertaining or attractive, shoot me xD).

    But the shipping awards are a bit odd organized this year imo (and yes, talked about this a bit with Kris on msn too) and most people I want to nominated are already nominated and can't be nominated twice due to the new rules :/ For some reason the thread gives me a 'look us being popular' vibe I don't really like, but that's just me; I hope other people have a lot fun with it =)
    Yes, I have returned! It shocked me too. I was cleaning out my website bookmarky thingamajiggers and I stumbled across this site again I was all like o_O I haven't been on in forever, Ifailatlife. Hehe.

    And I'm glad it makes you warm and happy inside! :)
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