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  • lol yeah, it's alright. I just have no idea where I'll be able to squeeze the time in to make a new one. I'll try. XD
    As lame as this sounds, I want to have more visitor messages with you XD;
    Anyway, isn't it sad? Like, I was saying bye-ish in the AS thread and there were a few ASers that were like bye even though I don't know you! Idk, it was kinda sad XD; There's so many people running around these days that I really don't know

    My old reason to stay away from the anime was the horrible new voices, and Idc what anyone says about them, to me, nothing compares to the original dub.
    Like a few weeks ago, I attempted to watch Pokemon and I just... couldn't. I know it's EXTREMELY stupid to say this, but it just seemed reeeaaallly childish, ya know? haha, I sound like a bitter May fan right now, but I stopped watching after the vas changed!

    Dude, you would be the best thing that ever happened there, they need some make power! and uh, you didn't hear this from me, but I believe that you'd be more fair, ya know? lol!

    aww, haha yeah, sppf has been changing big time lately, huh
    those are my 2 most prominant characteristics. Perky and apologetic (especially if i don't know the person too well) srry.

    if it buggs u then i can try and stop i guess. >.<
    I was told to tell a friend Corphish is back.
    So that is what this spammy post does XD

    On a site note I mentioned you in the 'which member reminds you of a ship'thread and I would do the same in the shipping awrads, but you are already mentioned so I'm too late :/
    oh my! I'm so sorry! I totally didn't mean to do that! >.<

    I like you too. You seem sweet. <3 ^^ (I'm almost positive ur a boy...am I right or...way off? >.< no offense if ur a girl!)
    I might finish Zenith Fallen when I gather the courage to go through with the ending a planned...I just started feeling that Paul's character was much too rigid...and anything I could have done would have made him OOC. :/
    Anyway, sorry for the slow response - my computer's been busted. DX On another computer right now. -.- *despair*

    I guess it was about time for a change for me. I'm not the everyday-poster I used to be, so decided for a new image xD

    I do already miss Corphish a little though =P
    lol thanx. I have a tendancy to be cheery most of the time! ^^

    I liked reading "Along, together." It was incredibly cute! :) I havn't had time to review it but will soon!

    Oh, thanx! It would be amazing to get a review on your insight. Ur such a good author. ^^
    aww...you give so many others credit when your fics are just as good as theirs! I was reading your Oscars for 07-08 to see if "Demons of Metropolis" was in there, (it was! :D ) and along the way I noticed that you named yourself only once. Yes, it was the votes that counted but still, you are an amazing author. Just thought I'd let you know. ;) good luck in the future!
    Yeah, that's been happening much too often. -.- I've been posting and somehow with the lag, it causes me to double post. .___.
    Thx for pointing it out - I've changed it so now there's only one there. XD;
    To tell you the truth, I haven't been on the forums much lately, ^^; I've actually ventured into other fandoms-namely Yu-Gi-Oh GX and 5D's, but my writing's been put on hiatus until I'm done with college applications and can find out where my mom has hidden my laptop this time. But a belated Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you as well! And thanks for the congrats. ^^
    Heya Mark :D
    Thanks :) I don't mind so much if anyone says Merry Christmas to me XD But thanks for the thought :D

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, I've taken a sudden break from SPPF, so I didn't get the chance to reply till right now :p Don't worry, I'm very good at harassing, ask Gaz ;D

    bye bye ^^
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