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Mar 7, 2012
Nov 25, 2011
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A speck of light

ShadowAura was last seen:
Mar 7, 2012
    1. vedil
      Nope. And no problem. :)
    2. Dragonfree
      I know who you are, in that I know of you, but I don't know you in the sense that we've never talked personally.

      Also, plenty of people have gotten to level eight in Voltorb Flip. You said you'd gotten to level nine, which I've never heard of.
    3. RaZoR LeAf
      RaZoR LeAf
      Did you see the link in my post to the RPG Forum Rules?
      Plot length = Minimum of 400 words. Your plot = 37 words

      Personality and Description = 100 words minimum. Your requirement of 3 lines is not acceptable. Lines have no given length.

      Post length = Minimum of 200 words. Again, you ask for a vague amount of text with 'lines'.

      I walk down a road.
      It is long.
      Very long.
      "I'm bored"

      4 lines, i'm done.

      Your rules on legendaries are too vague, how do you decide which legendary is acceptable or not? Not to mention your plot has no substance to it, and basically says that a few people go back in time and meet a villain who kills everyone he meets. So they meet him, he kills them, and the RPG is over?
    4. Absol6028
      Well I'll explain 'em both a bit. ('cause I'm bored xD)

      Urban Reign is about a guy named Brad Hawk who is hired by a girl named Shun Ying. Wait, lemme go back. This guy from a streetgang called the Zaps, (the guts name is KG by the way) and Shun Ying is blamed for it. So the Zaps leader, Dwayne, declares war one them. You go around doing various missions for Shun Ying to prove she's innocent.

      So I think on mission 60, we find out that Shun Ying is innocent. Another group called the Outlaws (I believe that's their name) are the ones responsible. So while everyone is helping take care of KG, the Outlaws destroy the city.

      20 or so missions later, we find out that the mayor, who we know as Bordin, is responsible for EVERYTHING! It's a really great game :3

      Then Urban Chaos: Riot Response is a first person shooting game. You, Nick Mason, is part of an elite squad of police enforcers called T-Zero. You're hired to help take back the city from which is being taken over by a group of malicious killing gang called the Burners. You get a great arsenal of weapons which can be upgraded throughout the game. The weapons start as a standard police pistol and stun gun then eventually a prototype Shotgun and machine gun. After unlocking all medals (You achieve those by capturing Burners by using your taser, getting headshots, not using a checkpoint and getting all "gang masks" hidden throughout the level), you get a motherfrickin' MINIGUN!!!! xD

      Both are great games. You really should look 'em up on yiutube :3
    5. Absol6028
      Yeah I guess that does :P Do you know the games Urban Reign and Urban Chaos: Riot Response?
    6. Absol6028
      Ah :) Have you done a retelling story? Like retelling of a game? I'm doing that for two games currently :3
    7. Absol6028
      So they're not all PKMN related?
    8. Absol6028
      Ok :D

      What do you write 'bout? :3
    9. Absol6028
      Can you show me your stories? :3
    10. Porgon-XYZ
      Yup!^_^ Glad to help.:P
    11. Dragonfree
      Ehh, I don't really know you and really, I don't even get the point of friend requests to begin with.
    12. Absol6028
      You write? And Sprite? :o You good at both?
    13. Absol6028
      You there? :o
    14. Porgon-XYZ
      Oh.:P Well it's quite easy, find someone to battle and someone to referee!:D Then, read the rules on how to build a team(honestly I don't know how since I haven't done it before). You could look at a few for examples.:P
    15. Porgon-XYZ
      ASB thing? Lol, not sure what you're talking about!xD
    16. Porgon-XYZ
      I see... I came here at random.:P I do leik my Oshawottz, but I hurd ya leiked Kanto starterz moar.:P
    17. Absol6028
      Awwwwe but... that's cheting! I guess you win xD Even if you did cheat...

      So tell me a lil 'bout yourself! (Non stalker way)
    18. Porgon-XYZ
      Activeness is only awesome when it's fun.:P So you came from a site?xD
    19. Absol6028
      It'll take a lot more than that! -Super mega ownage puppy dog eyes-
    20. Absol6028
      YW :3 I hope you do :3 Wanna be mah fweind?! -Creepy puppy dog eyes- :P
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