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  • thanks just got to the fan art section...i have my shop in the fan art shop, and my other thread in the digital art media section...you should see where everything is there and your most welcome ;)
    oh cool shiny zangoose XD congrats...i actually been rnging all my stuff...i run a clan now its the third or second biggest and oldest on serebii...after the shiny disbanded i had not much stuff to do...also i have my own art shop now...so i took on these new things to help me stay on the forum..
    hey shadowxhunted long time know see how's it going :) also see you noticed the new thread lol...you have a point there...
    hey ShadowedXHunted, I know its been forever since I talked to you. did you ever find your shiny? That nuzlocke ended up taking my time, but im finally back to shiny hunting. i think Im gonna SR for johto starters soon tho
    actually I make people have issues with me because I instigate them
    And I've been doing fine actually, thank you for asking.
    RNG is cheating of course. No matter how hard it is. GF/Nintendo never allows or makes any statements to approve it. It's like hacking into a bank system. Although it sounds cool, it's always illegal.
    It ruins the game mechanic, you know, the breeding for perfect iv's aspect. So there are no perfect pokemon gamers anymore who are good at battling strategy and building a strong team altogether (w/out RNG help).
    And those people who abuse RNG and brag about it to disturb other people are superly duperly childish beyond words. But let's just ignore them. Like I said before I never have problem with or care for them.

    I got my shiny Zangoose from chaining. I never really ev train my shinys/pokemon. More b/c I only understand half of it. Let's say if I want to get the max Sp. atk from Ghastly, how many Ghastly must I kill? Please don't explain into details, I don't wanna trouble you.

    About my hunting, currently I'm hunting in 3rd gen for shiny Kyogre, Charmander and RE hunts.
    Other hunt is only in 5th gen for shiny Vanillite (hopefully).

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Well, actually it's better than before if you read the previous posts where some of them constantly coming and teasing hunters to just RNG their shinies instead. If we give them 'wind', they will go on and on rambling about RNG stuff. I usually never cared about it, just that once.

    You can call me a very active shiny hunter :p I usually only post my newest shiny found.

    Hey, thanks for the support. Good luck on your hunting.^^ Do you have other new hunt besides chaining?
    I don't really care for using tauros or anything, but his shiny sprite is amazing. The recent shiny I got is Audino. Yes, RE, on Easter.
    I have 3 dogs, and my girl is a retired champion, and I have her 2 sons who are showing. They're Norwich Terriers.
    Probopass is one of my favorite pokemon. We have a family friend who is like my uncle, my mom and dad knew him since before I was born. Anyway, he kind of looks like probopass, with the mustache. But he wears glasses too like those joke glasses with the mustache.
    Good luck on the interview!
    That's weird, I guess because I read it, but didn't respond, and went back to it. I figured I got it right. I don't see why you couldn't SR for a shiny, but that takes forever, lol.
    No, I'm still on the first play through of white. I just haven't finished the game yet, but I have beat the elite 4. I haven't found all the sages yet. I found one, but according to the police guy, there were only 5 left, so I don't know what happened to the other one since there's supposed to be 7.
    Deoxys was an event in the GBA versions, emerald, ruby, sapphire, fire red, leaf green. I heard they're supposed to remake some of those, I'm not sure which ones, but maybe they'll have another event for it.
    Sorry about her chain breaking. It hurts worse when it's so close.
    I enjoy talking to you about pokemon too. I know absolutely 0 people IRL who play it, and it's just not the same telling them about my accomplishments with it, lol. I have dragged my friend to gamestop for events before, but I don't anymore. She doesn't play games at all.
    Congrats on the Swablu! Those are so pretty shiny. I thought of another tip, which scared me at first because I was like >:O there's no way that was a chain breaker!! Even if no grass patches shake to continue the chain, that doesn't mean the chain broke. Make sure to check the chain counter. Sometimes the grass is just quiet.
    I guess I did forget to save, which is weird considering I usually save like 80 times just to make sure, lol. I'm playing white, but it's still my first time through. It's just that the second I beat the elite 4 and got the national dex, I've been filling it up. I'm at 480/462. Gotta catch em all, lol. Once I'm done, I'll only be missing the ones that haven't been released for black and white, plus Darkrai (because I didn't find out about the event until it was over), Deoxys, Manaphy and Phione. I think. I'm still confused on which are absolutely 100% event pokemon. But I do have Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin and Arceus.
    I guess if you had a pokemon with a sleep move, that would work too. But I guess I didn't think about using a pokemon with that against self destruct when I chained him. I find when I'm impatient, which is alot, I break my chains. A good one for me can take all day to make. What works for me EVERY time is going into patches that are only 4x1 or 4x2 away, and not on the edge of the chain zone. I just put together rules from different sources, which makes the available good patches very limited.
    Right now I'm trying to get a Kangaskhan. I hate safari zone. But now I read they're on route 15, so now I have to level up some pokemon and advance in the game. I also just this second, realized I lost some game play somewhere. I saw a level 1 glameow in my PC box that I KNOW I leveled up to purugly yesterday. Awwwwwww man, and a pineco I KNOW I leveled up to a Forretress yesterday, what the hell did I do?! D:
    Good luck on the chaining! I've chained a few before, and from personal experience, do not chain anything that knows self destruct. I tried voltorb. I got the chain to 40, and saw a few shinies after that, but didn't catch a single one. lol
    I don't know if it took that long. After only ever getting one RE shiny in Platinum, and then this being the third one in a month with White, it seems like the shiny rate increased. I didn't name it. I like to think a long time about names, and figured I could change it later.
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