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Last Activity:
Oct 29, 2012
May 17, 2011
Likes Received:
May 10, 1992 (Age: 27)
Pokemon Trainer

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Banned Trainer, 27, from Unova

ShadowedXHunted was last seen:
Oct 29, 2012
    1. ShadowedXHunted
      Why do people post RNG as a legit shiny? So dumb. Don't bother wasting my time.
    2. ILoveShroomish
      I didn't post much before because I didn't really have much to say, but I always came on and read posts and looked for information I didn't know. I'm not sure why most of them were banned. Before I even posted I went to my profile to see if my old trade posts were still there, and some of those banned names were already on there. I don't really know much about Advent, I looked at their profile before I accepted the request, saw that they were a longtime user and frequent poster and thought they would be an ok friend. What have they done?
    3. ILoveShroomish
      I'm not really new, I joined this forum in 09, but I've never really posted until now. I tried out the trade forum a while back, but nobody wanted to trade. Recently, I got excited about my shinies in White and decided to post socially. It's funny, I've chained some cool shinies and got shinies from events, but my favorite are my random encounter ones, which are plain old floatzel, sandile and gurdurr.
    4. TomoEGoto
      Shiny SR count: 178 Goal: 4,500.

      Well, it's either getting a shiny starter now or later.

      Shine thee, shine!
    5. ShinyGoogleplex
      You available?
    6. ILoveShroomish
      Thanks! lol, poor Gurdurr is so ugly, but he's mine and shiny, lol. Shiny Joltik is at least a nice greenish color and has purple feet and eyes.
    7. Dangertrout
      it'll probably be fine, the mods are generally understanding =) anyways, hope your next hunt works out the way you want it to
    8. pokemonranger7098
      Oh, I have an RPG I am in charge of. Kinda been down awhile though...

      School same old same old: dull & boring, yet educational :p
    9. needsalimegreenespeon
      You can chain in Trophy Garden, but Eevee has a five percent chance of appearing, and highly difficult to chain. I can't get any higher up than twenty... I'm waiting for the Eevee day to come back around, so the odds will be higher. Or so I think.
      There were times that I would simply hatch for hours and hours. I earned each and every one of those eggs. It's slowed down quite a bit...
      On the contrary, I am actually pretty close minded. I really do need to be more accepting of others beliefs. I have quite a few Christian friends, none of which I can talk about my belief. They try to convert me often, and that's when I walk away.
    10. needsalimegreenespeon
      NO WAY.So you actually do know... Huh.
      It's just... I've gotta learn to be more tolerate of others, so why not just immerse myself in the belly of the beast? And this school is fairly small, along with the town. I've been to eight different cities in my middle school and high school career. This school was my favorite out of all of them...
      Yeah.... I've got someone offering me a shiny Eevee for free, but I'll turn it into an Umbreon. ^^ This Espeon is mine, and mine alone.
      That is a great score!! What did you end up with in the pokemon encounters? 100?
      I ended up chaining Shinx last night. I got four shiny total; three females and one male. Took me three hours and a hundred Max Repels though... Not bad for my first successful hunt. ^^ I'm going after Starly's next. Really adorable and easy.
      There is some guy on the Black and White Shiny thread. He's after seven shiny Eevee via MM. He's gotten five... And two were female. Needless to say, I am a very unhappy camper.
    11. pokemonranger7098
      Heyah! How ya been?
      Been really kinda bored for a while, so I came back to check on things.

      Need to go GM my RPG before it becomes non-pokemon.
    12. needsalimegreenespeon
      Hehehe... Yeah... I'm still hatching Eevee... I got ahold of a Japanese Male Eevee, so the eggs are coming in quicker. High school's been okay. I found my school, despite the fact it's a Christian only... Imagine being a Wicca in an all Christian town and school. I want to actually teach back at this school. Special Education.
      Lucky on the Joltik! It's a great shiny. Any shiny in Chargestone is great. I want a Tynamo....
      I'm.... up to... over 7000 eggs..... No shiny. :/ I'm going to try chaining soon. As soon as I hit an Eevee day in Backlot Manor. I really want my Eevee.
    13. needsalimegreenespeon
      Eh. Okay. My high school Graduation is getting ever closer... That's a serious stresser. :P Bleh. Still hatching for my Eevee. My luck is just awful.
      So what are you doing back on the forums?
    14. Razor Xtreme
      Razor Xtreme
      Nope, I'm a hardcore RNGer, so actually yes in a way.
    15. SnugNBouncy
      Hey!! I'm thinking about starting up a small forum/website where we can chat and hang out just like the travelers den, but keep it separate from serebii so we don't have to worry about getting shut down... Again. Haha would you be interested? I want to hear what the travelers think before id launch the site.
    16. needsalimegreenespeon
      Hey! Shadow! I hope you read this! How's college going??
    17. Razor Xtreme
      Razor Xtreme
      Don't ever come back. Scum.
    18. pokemonranger7098
      Did I ever say how I was an event hunter for a while? I got the japanese version of that Victini before it came out for US.

      Well, that's two of a kind, then, because (besides the little kids) I SUCK. I am getting better, though, with the more cards I get.
    19. pokemonranger7098
      I am looking forward to it VERY much, thanks for asking. :)

      Me too, but I never went for shinies. I am usually a yugioh geek during the school year, and a pokemon nerd in the summer. So I haven't touched my game unless there was an event. Right now there is a wifi victini
    20. pokemonranger7098
      OMG! You returned, like a phoenix! Anyways, ..... Hi!

      IDK if/when snugnbouncy will remake it, but when he does, it won't be a clan, just a club.
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    May 10, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Pokemon Trainer
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    Pokemon battles!




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    My thoughts on RNG? http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lopx03b1ad1qjv0lvo1_400.jpg
    I wont battle you if you RNG, nor would I ever consider you a legitimate Pokemon trainer.