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  • I'm at the point that I just need to get a shiny earth power hydreigon to use and my team will be shiny if I swap out my scizor for the shiny one I have
    Still am, you have to use 4 pokes of your gym types and that's mandatory which sucks, if it were only 3 I could manage a bit better but oh well
    x or y? i have scizor for fairies since it has bp, along with 2 extreme speed users one being an event entei
    [this gym battle i just had was bs, i missed a sacred fire so a gorebyss killed my entei, they kept switching their chandelure in on it, switched out to florges on my dragons, had attract on milotic and scald burned my scizor then i couldnt hit cause of attract just before, got a flamethrower burn on dragonite when it switched in, not what i wanted to have for my first gym battle in 2 weeks, attract is to cheap enough but getting flamethrower burn and missing sacred fire is bs]
    To use in max iv pokemon battles yes, against casual and ingame battles no, I can see if I still have left over foongus from when I bred them for VGC if you want
    You said VGC, that's doubles 4v4 which makes you think tough on what to bring and lead with, kangaskahn either was a lead or kept in back for late game if needed, I used Zard X with overheat, heat wave, solar beam and protect but replaced overheat for dragon pulse so I wasn't walled by mega Zard x
    Kangaskahn, Aegislash, Amoongus, Zard X and y, mega mawile, garchomp, salamence, Azumarill, meowstic, and zapdos when I went in may someone used bright powder miracle eye sheer cold articuno and mega alakazam along with inner focus dragonite for fake outs
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