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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2017
Jan 26, 2004
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March 4

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Shinigami..., from Wales

Shadowfaith was last seen:
Feb 25, 2017
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    2. HetaOni
      Your avatar is AWESOME.
    3. Blood Red Absol
      Blood Red Absol
      I love your avatar, I'm jealous. :p
    4. Kat
      Hey there; long time no see! KH: Renegades is back up... and Illusion is an available element this time! Let me know if you'd like a spot!
    5. lxdarknessxl
      is your pic from kuroshitsugi?
    6. Manchee
      Aw, that's terrible! :/ I hope you can get your position back sometime.
    7. Kat
      Hey! Just so you know, KH: Renegades is being restarted. If you're interested, be sure to get your reservation or SU in soon!
    8. Manchee
      The Club section is going to feel really weird without you there. D:
    9. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Hi Shadowfaith. My club is 1 week ago posted but it is not approved/disapproved.
      Can you please approve/disapprove my club.
    10. badmanjaro
      Bleach is the best series ever ^^
    11. DucksGoMooful
      Hey, what's up? Be my friend. :D
    12. Pucca_ness
      Hello, I'm co-owner of the Pokemon Breeding club. A spam bot has made a post there and I was wondering if the post could be removed?

      I apologise if i've aksed the wrong person or in the wrong place.
    13. Profesco
      Happy birthday, Shadowfaith. =)
    14. ShinySandshrew
      I thank you for posting in the CA to help put an end to the problem.

      But (as far as I can tell) there is still a problem that has not been resolved.

      I was one of the people who PM'd someone from the Atheism club, but I was in no way saying commenting on the accuracy of anyone's atheistic belief. I was commenting on the fact that a certain member's post was misrepresenting Christianity and and Christians in general. If you want, I can supply you with a copy of the PM I sent so you can read it for yourself. The person's post I was commenting on was this person's post. Now this person also said that they had received hate PMs in this post. Now, I asked who he had received PMs from because he made that statement not long after I sent my first PM. I also wanted to know who has sent him a mean PM because if it was someone from the CA, I could reprimand them. So far, the person complaining about PMs has not said who was responsible even though I asked twice. If you also see this as a problem, I would like to see this problem addressed so the other leaders of the CA and I can resolve the problem.
    15. Gothitelle
      You're welcome. Glad everything worked out for the better. ^_^
    16. Gothitelle
      Oh okay, then this clears everything up! Haha, sorry for being so rude. I do that sometimes :x

      I will keep the arguments off the board, and any PMs I get from now on will be reported. :) Thank you~
    17. Gothitelle
      (My point of my last VM was that it's not fun to have your beliefs attacked, I would never actually do that.)

      So, your VM confused me. You agree with what I said, and you think it is wrong to question another's beliefs, but then you said you don't condone it?

      Do you mean you do condone PMing other members about how their beliefs are wrong? Condone means you are against it.
    18. Gothitelle
      Or, I just joined to forum to tell them to stop? If I wanted to start arguments, I would still be posting in the thread.

      Funny, how I've recieved multiple PMs from the CA saying how they SUPPORT what I said, that people there shouldn't be PMing people from the AA because it's rude. And only two (counting you) said I am wrong.

      Here, let's make a deal. Since it's apparently okay (according to the owner of the CA) for his members to PM AA members about how they're wrong, it's okay for me and other AA members to PM CA members about how their silly supernatural belief system is false.

      Doesn't that sound absolutely marvelous?
    19. Gothitelle
      No way better to convince people to PM a moderator about CA members harassing AA members than starting off the post with a clear statement of pure bias saying, "As much as I do not condone the fact of people from the CA PMing members of the AA..."
    20. Miror
      Sorry to bother you again, but would you mind redoing the title of my club so that it's spelled right? I completely missed that when I was typing (I go way too fast for my own good). Thanks!
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