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  • Hey, I have a question. If we've created a new club, do we still have to wait until the approval/disapproval page shows whether we were approved/not approved? Or does one of the mods send like a VM or PM to the owner?
    Ooh, that's cool. Aberystwyth is a good place for doing film. I've only been there once, it was for the Ffresh Awards that they hold there. Very nice campus, up a big hill though.
    Thanks for approving the Discussion Thread! You can find the answer to your question in the NPC section of that thread.
    Hmm, I never gave much thought to that, to be honest. Good question. Well, King Ben would probably want something along the lines of an armoured fist holding a scepter as his "crest".
    Whoa,I just read the RPG post.
    Sorry to hear you broke your arm. I know how that feels.
    I broke mine playing red rover... as pathetic as that is, it snapped vertically so it broke the long way. I couldn't write anything for weeks.
    Ah, well that makes sense.
    I supose pulling the pistol out of the hand of a corpse in the heat of battle would seem more dramatic.
    YO, Shadowfaith.
    Is it okay if I change somthing in my Damned Unit sign-up? I realized that knives and even a sword aren't very good robot killing weapons... is it okay if I arm Delaware with a pistol?
    Scuse me, Shadowfaith. Hate to bother you, but I'm going away on Vacation on Tuesday and returning Monday, so if you could control Decibel for me while I'm gone, that'd be awesome.
    Not too bad as well. I finally managed to get a part time job and have managed to get onto a degree course.
    Hey Faithy just a quick post to say that I'm still interested in the Damned Unit and to ask how things are going :3
    Damned Unit is back! And, yes, I did use a Split personality character before |3

    Hey, have you seen my new RP, Strings?
    Well, with my new character, he and Kiahi would both stand out in a crowd (he has pale skin and silver lines running along his body and she's an anthro) So it'd be probable to say that they would've seen each other passing by on the streets, and then there's the mission his mother sent him on...
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