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  • Hey, I have a question...

    Why is there a new Club List thread? I'm completely fine running it still, and I never gave permission to anyone else to remake it. The old one was recently updated by me removing all the clubs that were close/dead, and I was planning on adding any others that weren't on there once I got my laptop for Christmas. I'd still like to run it please.
    Hi, I was wondering what my 1 referal was for, since I don't remember getting it. Is there a way for you or someone else on the staff to tell me?
    Hey again, after I sent you the list of dead clubs, I though about. How those are only the clubs that were on the list - would you like the ones where the owner has been inactive for a while so that you could notify the club it could be restarted?
    Well, if you ever need to vent or to just talk about your problems to someone, I really don't mind. As long as it makes you feel better. And yes, do you watch your anime online by any chance?
    Hey, Shadowfaith. I'm not sure if you remember, mainly because I haven't been on in a while, but I'm not mad at you for not accepting my first application for Defying Peace. I actually sent Killer Squirtle a longer application with like nine lines for history, and I can you show it too. I'm not hating Killer Squirtle, I'm just saying he didn't tell me he was using the original application forums. Anyway, thanks for listening.
    oh yes it got approved finnaly.
    and i hope your alright,im just glad your back. why cant you see anything in the moderated section?
    Hello there =) Omg are you ok? If there is anything you want to talk about im right here, if you dont want to show it publicly =p i know some people are like that, just PM it, or email or whatever.. Ok? =) Im more then just a user to some people

    Hahaha yay scarecrow, one day i want to sbumit a bowser ssbb pic as an avy, it looks awesome xD

    Oh im doing good, i was great until yesterday when i realise that they have me working on my b-day T_T
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