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  • I am in the United States of America, the state of Georgia, and my time zone according to my computer is : (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).
    I'm really looking for shint Shaymin, may I can replace that with the shiny Deoxys?
    Also if you want I have a shiny level 100 Ditto if you want one.
    Please note if the Pokemon you are breeding are shiny that will NOT affect the Pokemon in the egg, the only way to breed for shiny Pokemon is by using two from different languages.
    Well, thats ok, I'll accept them anyway.
    I'm ready to trade this trade is from my Soul Silver to your Heart Gold (Or Soul Silver if you have that version) right?
    I have the Abra and Charizard ready.
    Shiny level 1 Abra for Shaymin, and my level 100 shiny Charizard for the Regigigas.
    Can you nickname they SHAYMIN to Shaymin and the REGIGIGAS to Regigigas if possible?
    I just really hate things that are in full capital letters, but if you can't do that that is ok too.
    What level do you want the shiny Abra, Kadabra, or Alakazam?
    I can get you one with ease, my strongest is a level 100 Alakazam (It's the only one nicknamed with proper English nickname : Alakazam. Came from Soul Silver so it would be called ALAKAZAM not Alakazam.)
    I took a look, I will be more than happy to trade my Charizard for the Pokemon you offered.
    Also do you sill have the Shaymin I may have some Pokemon you are interested in, I recently gor an Arceus from a trade if you want that for your Shaymin.
    I'm also looking for a shiny Latias and a shiny Absol if you have those.
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