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Last Activity:
Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2008
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there yet not

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Member, from there yet not

shadowice1234 was last seen:
Aug 20, 2011
    1. napkin23
      yea set up a time with me so I can meet you and Ill give it to you hes ready
    2. phop
      no probs. we'll arrange something when i next see ya.
    3. phop
      im in wifi, GL and HF
    4. phop
      ill be using my team i posted to JmH, i was making sure you was.
    5. phop
      0602 5330 3524 its on the first page of the league. Can you get yourself on our chatbox? Also just to confirm our you using the team you posted to Jmh?
    6. Gren Draco
      Gren Draco
      i'd look at the songs but i can't be bothered tonight,
      and Avril sings about being left out and not feeling you have to fit in with others,
      she sings about making yourself be heard,
      and about whatever other people say to you they'll always be something you can say back to them,
      she sings about never giving up,
      and about moarning the people you've lost, dead or alive,
      she also sings about they'll always be more than one person who'll understand you,
      yeah sure she has the fun songs but they're just that FUN,

      She might not sings about the world but she sings to individual people,
      small people who can make big changes,
      and if enough people took to heart what she sings about we'd live in a changed world =/
    7. phop
      are you online if so wanna have our battle for the league? you can catch me in the super elites chatbox or PM me back
    8. johny2hai
      can you test via UU team?
    9. Gren Draco
      Gren Draco
      Well then if you're so bothered then send me a link to one of their "good" songs,
      man points=Extreme stereotyping,
      is english your native language btw?
      cause your english sux 2bh =/,
      and Avril Lavigne, if she really wanted fame, would be out to please everyone and would sing terribly pop songs that the majority want to here (like britney spears) but instead she writes songs she likes and songs that mean something to her, which shows she's an individual, not a stereotypical generic shallow buffon like pretty much every other female singer out there =/
    10. Gren Draco
      Gren Draco
      Avril's songs have tons of meaning,
      have you heard slipped away, when you're gone, innocence, nobody's home, Day Dream, unwanted or anything but ordinary to name but a few,
      and a lot of her songs aren't meant for the depth there meant for you to relate to and want to sing to,
      and icr it was something like get it all or something i can't remember the title, i listened for about a minute started to get a headache and turned it off
    11. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      The Nature is modest, its Special Defence is 239
    12. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      That happens a lot. I gave Gengar some EV's in Special Defence. It is also more stable than you think
    13. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      True but all the stats are legit, I caught and breed all the pokemon without cheats, the only thing that changed was the ball, which didn't do anything
    14. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      I can tell you why. It was a side effect of another cheat. My cousin and I were trying to get this cheat where you get masterballs instead of Safria Balls in the Safria zone. It worked but all of my pokemon were in masterballs, including my boxes my teams, and my Riolu and Mudkip! Just hatched!
    15. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      My team is not hacked. Why would you say that?
    16. swampert ex
      swampert ex
      dude i know what they are i just put it in there to see if u didnt say anything and wat r u doing ur just on wifi doing nothing
    17. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      Shadowice1234, I want to battle you. Us two, right now. My FC is in my sig
    18. LordOfTheSceptile
      Does now work? FC:2406 2387 5628
    19. LordOfTheSceptile
      I can probably get ahold of one. When do you want it?
    20. LordOfTheSceptile
      What did he say the prize was?
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