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  • Hey, man. Come back. You're needed here.
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    I started out here as a pre-teen and now I'm well into my twenties--life might have come in the way of stuff like the forums, but I promise I'm not leaving the game. I really appreciate the kind words, and the same goes for you :)
    I know right! Spending hours on xat talking to people now it is abandoned by basicly everyone. How the times have changed
    well im doing full time condensed school atm so im busy this week has an oral presentation 4 labs due by Friday, 2 more due next week. A wedding on the weekend preventing work on the assignments. And an employment package assignment. So busy af!
    Yup. I got Zappy last June after 15 months. I'm insane going for the other two lol. I'm 7 SRs away from 5,000 SRs/10,000 birds now.
    Hey buddy :) Long time no see! How you been?
    Just got this an hour ago. 717 eggs :)
    No prob.

    The reason that happened is the company that was responsible for upholding Nintendo's wifi for the games during that time stopped hosting services. As a result the games were cut off of wifi sometime last year. It's pretty sad, but it's true.

    In order to transfer Pokémon from 5th to 6th Gen, you need a Pokémon Transporter, as well as access to the Pokémon Bank, both of which are accessible through the E-Shop.

    If you still don't really like X and Y, go with the other two. They're remakes of the 3rd Gen games and 5th Generation Pokémon can be transferred to those games as well.
    Yeah, it is indeed a bummer. However, transferring stuff from 5th to 6th Gen is easier than ever, should you decide to get a copy of X/Y or OR/AS.
    Yeah, it's been a long time alright. All of those are on my X cartridge right now, sans the names. It's sadly missing in action at this point, but I did manage to breed myself a wifi team on my copy of OmegaRuby.

    On top of that 4th and 5th Gen no longer work over wifi...
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