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Last Activity:
Feb 26, 2010
Jun 14, 2008
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Loves Shadow Lugia

ShadowLugia1 was last seen:
Feb 26, 2010
    1. ShinyPalkia
      Happy Xmas & New Year! =D
    2. ShinyPalkia
      Good to hear at least one is doing well. ^_^

      I have had lots of tests in school. Like 4 tests in a row and more is coming. D'=
    3. ShinyPalkia
      6.12 is the day when Finland became independent. =D Nothing much. Just having fun, when parents aren't near. XD

      How are you?
    4. ShinyPalkia
      Hi! Yeah, it's been a long time. ^^' I'm doing fine. Tomorrow will be a big day to all Finns. =D
    5. dawnfan101
      nice to meet u to :)
    6. dawnfan101
      dark lugia rox...........hi^-^
    7. ShinyPalkia
      It's so strange there can such stinky rotten places all over our world. '>_> So wrooooooooooooooooooooooong!!! #;3;
    8. ShinyPalkia
      I couldn't agree more. >_<# School is so jerkish and pedophilish.
    9. ShinyPalkia
      Hi! =3

      Nice to see you too, yeah, it's been a long time. ^_^'
    10. Cytrismo
      hi, want to b friends? nice avatar btw :)
    11. Lugia1221
      Hi, want to join in my new social group? Is on my profile, - PoKéDex Trainer Group -
    12. Lugia1221
      Hey, hi. I create a social gruop, want to join? It's on my profile, Video - pokemon - Game
    13. LegendaryDarkrai
      Do you want to be friends
    14. junoir13
      hi do i noe u 4rm some where??
    15. lindsy95
      hey just swingin by to say hello.
    16. ShinyPalkia
      Nothing special. How about you?
    17. ShinyPalkia
      Hi Lugia! ^_^
    18. Keeper of the Aura
      Keeper of the Aura
      For your question, you increase your post count by posting more.
    19. lindsy95
      Yes I found it annoying runing around as a boy.....(well atleast in colloseum there was a girl too.) if there is gender selection then I wonder the backstorys of the charicters would be diffrent.yahknow we should make a thread on this! but what forum....(not in other games forum...we could make a group though.....) maybe we have a pokemon to see the shadow pokemon (maybe a abra? or somthing...) ok I gotta get off the computer bye!
    20. lindsy95
      Maybe....palkia(to go with darkdialga)....or maybe...hmmmmm.....they could make celibi a shadow pokemon (to prevent the purifying process at the agate stone also be a good way to ge celibi) you would go through the game get shadow pokemon and blablabla....
      OR they could turn palkia and dialga into a shadow pokemon (and the lake trio) they want to use them to tke over the world (not a suprise...) you go capture the dark legends then maybe you could get a shaymin for purifying all the shadow pokemon or somthing do you remember at the end of XD when the guy walks off screen (grevils son that dresses in blue I beleve) do you remeber his name? Im thinking elides for some reason....(but do you think that was a hint for a sequel?)
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