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  • good game shadowphantom i'll post your battle results in the thread/edit my post so i dont double post
    latios is because it is in the uber tier however latias is allowed because it is in the OU tier.
    well GG there is one more battle you have to do and i'll rank you and you don't have to use the same team if you don't want to.
    it will be 2 6v6 battles because the first is against the official test team and the second will be against a real team of mine
    yeah it will be lvl 100 and no ubers im guessing you know the tiers and sleep clause, evasion clause, OHKO clause and species clause are also in affect in standard rules
    sorry to say but i cant make it at 6pm for since i'll be at school from 4pm to 11pm your time.
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