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  • Not sure if it's possible to request the next Pokemon in the Shadow Experiments, but I'd love your thoughts on Aromatisse (a.k.a. Angelina Jolie's leg/Perfume Satchet).
    Thank you so much for updating the Shadow Experiments. I really appreciate it; they help me decipher the conundrum that is ASB Gen VI. Cheers!
    Seeing as how it's taken us nearly almost over eight months to get to the second match up in our Gym battle do you think we could consider making it a 3v3 or 4v4 instead of a 6v6.
    Happy Birthday! I made this Ribbon myself.

    Birthday Ribbon
    Hello, Shadow! Pingu kindly requested me to relay an apology for having delayed orders due to assiduous circumstances. He'll catch up on orders once labour has alleviated from his schedule.
    I'm aware, partner~ I'm just settling down in the hospital and also calming myself because Blaze gave me wrong data wherein my whole order was revolving around. There goes my hopes and dreams of a single badge...
    Yeah, I ref on a x2/x3 scale. And the description is incredibly vague, but Ledian is pretty analed on health.
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