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  • if it's okay, could we make our 4v4 a 2v2, if that is permissible in the first place? Not that I don't want to continue battling you, because I'm learning a lot, but my mate is possibly joining ASB and I want to be able to battle him.
    Apparently blaze took one of your challenges from somewhere... The match is up here. If it's just blaze being stupid and you didn't have a slot for him to take in the first place just say so.
    If only Roseheart were online, eh?

    Also, in your match with Mike (TheNthDoctor), do you want me to finalize the cancellation of it? I can't do any actual reffing on it, because he's my boyfriend and we share a computer, but I can finalize it if you want so you can clear up the slot
    Excuse me but are you judging any matches right now? I am in a bad situation right now. I have an Rp that a battle is taking place in and i forgot to get a judge. Do you judge non pokemon matches right now? Cuz i seriously need a judge fast. If you know of any referee that can ref the match or provide info please tell me. I need a ref fast. Sorry for being random i was just looking through the ref list and saw you were one
    Zora posts first after the first round, threw that in at the end of the first post :O
    Hey, this match from back in August is awaiting your post. If you forgot and filled your slots or something, mind posting to let us know?
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