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  • Are you sure you want me to review? I only do good reviews on ones I find good myself, if I get forced I'll probably just give crit, more like mini-modding, and I don't want an infraction (who does?). And I'd skip all the writing and and just look at the length. But, I guess we could play a game. I'll review yours, you can review mine.
    I did like you asked and read your fan fics, and I noticed that you do seem to have a very interesting idea about strange pokeballs that turn people into pokemon...
    I hope you start describing more and making them longer so you have nice long posts of each installment, cause I really want to see how it plays out!

    See Ya Later!
    It isn't easy no (And I draw and write), thats why we have things like Author's Cafe and advice for ASpiring Authors, to help get those ideas out and kicking them into some sort of sembalance so people can enjoy them.
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