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Recent content by shamrock13

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    The "black hole" machine

    my physics teacher told my class that they are trying to make a new element not a black hole.
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    Did You Gey Summer Homework?

    i have to read at least 30 mins a day, i was supposed to pick up a book at my school that we have to read over the summer but thats not gonna happen, i refuse to read it.
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    How did you get interested in Pokemon!

    my bro bought ruby and sapphire so he gave me the sapphire version and i liked it ever since
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    Official Friendcodes Topic.

    darkness: 3609 1361 5482
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    What's your easiest Legendary Pokemon capture?

    i caught palkia with a quickball on my first try
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    What pokemon do you want the most?

    i really really want arceus even though i will probably never end up getting it
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    If you could only have one Pokemon...

    torchic which would evolve into blaziken
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    The Moment Approaches...

    ive been waiting for this forever i cannot wait
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    What's your name in D/P?

    in all the games i am kara because thats real name
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    How do you sort your boxes?

    some games i sort them on type but now i sort them on levels and also a box for all my legendaries
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    What pokemon teams you used for D/P league

    luxray palkia empoleon infernape lucario torterra
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    i ran out of ultra balls and had to use all the other ones and ended up catching it with a quick ball
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    If you could live in the Sinnoh Region, where would that be?

    either flaroma because it looks peaceful or sunnyshore
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    Haunted Houses

    once in awhile i think i see something in the corner of my eye and same with my brother but nothing else, my friend also thought she experienced something, anyway she just moved into the house and shared a room with her sister and felt someone grab her arm but nobody was there and now she has...
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    how do you train your pokemon?

    i beat the E4 a bunch of times to level them up