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Recent content by shane6903

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    oh cool are u mexican,italian or american?

    oh cool are u mexican,italian or american?
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    nothings on my msn

    nothings on my msn
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    Mache's sprite shop.

    Hey mache ill have the stuff done today and hey no offense but are ya mexican cuz ur name sounds like it
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    ok ill do it tommorow thx

    ok ill do it tommorow thx
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    Mache's sprite shop.

    thanks n were should i post my part of shop?thearms.......oohh can you do deoxsys defense form.n i can do sillhoutes,sprite fusions[sorta],if you tell me me how to make banners i would luv to do that thx bye
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    Pokemon Player's art shop! :D

    did you get my request
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    Best youtube channels.

    1.shanedawsontv 2.shane[shane dawsons iphone channel] 3.shanedawsontv2 4.tottalysketch 5.britanilouisetaylor 6.steve green 7.ijustine 8.nikki limo 9.smosh 10. pb and j Fart a.k.a.fred
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    dxjuhy7p;[defrvgbffdpiugtfe3wqhol;oeryhuikojerfnhbgjnhghg imawesome at this my butt can fly
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    What was your first Pokemon?

    bulbasaur in my friends game MY first pokemon was todidile in ss
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    hjyum lergtsd dsddde,.
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    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    boomshacalaca your down
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    Candlelight Graphics

    why did you denie me?????????/
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    Mache's sprite shop.

    well can i atleast get the url
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    Lunar's Art Shop of Magic!

    pm me if ican work also pm me if i cant