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  • If you want a defense boost nature that won't make cloyster worse then ask for Impish, or Relaxed, lax increases defense BUT decreases special defense which makes it and gentle the 2 worst natures in the game
    Lax and Gentle are bad natures, both are defense boosting in one defense but take away in the other defense, I don't recommend looking for any shiny with those 2 natures
    it usualy takes me like 15 mins to get a fish shiny , altho it increases the chance , i mean cmon its still a shiny lol
    why do people dislike fishing chained shinys ? even tho theyre easier to get its still a 1/8k chance ...
    They are a ~1/100 chance. I've chain fished 8 shinies and every time it's taken no more than 100. More frequently I get them in under 50. If you can't press A at the right time, something's wrong. And it's not the game.
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