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  • you still there? I just logged back on if you have discord i was on most of the day actually best to catch me there better if I log off here lol
    oh well nvm tommorow after 3pm then ^_^ if i am not tired but i can trade thursday and friday too if i don't show up tommorow because tired from work...
    i can trade really quickly if you want right now i can switch out metroid for moon version again if you are available to trade right now :)
    hey shao-may sorry for the delay your stuff is ready got a bit busy once again after with work then I ended up catching something so sick as well but they are ready for you to be picked up. I can trade the next 3 days however tommorow i has to be after 3 pm my eastern timezone...
    Alright makes me feel a bit better you understand :) I got work the next few days then the con. will it be alright if it's after November 5th to get to you? this be my last log on unless I use the hotels wifi..
    I am sorry for the longest wait ever i didn't forget about you if you still need them i can at least breed your two you request...I just been super busy with getting ready for a anime convention coming up plus work....just let me know and i will breed it for you
    Thanks :)

    There was times in my life when i didn't like pokemon.

    I'm not fond of those memories XD

    Pikachu was a big fav of mine when i was 13. I had a pokemon forum named after him :3

    Now....I have a new pokemon forum. Named after my new favorite pokemon character.

    And thats *point's to av* Korrina XD Who i'm also crushing so much on you have nooo idea o.o; *ladytriox daydreams about her being my girlfriend and fangirl's funny korrina related things on peoples profiles XD*
    You're welcome ^_^

    Your pikachu av is also very cute :3

    Do you like my av of korrina and lucario? ^_^
    No worries. School and/or work goes first after all. I'm at +2 GMT, so let me know when you are ready. I'll try to match your local time :)
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