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  • Surprisingly, no, I haven't. My box is rather clean.
    ...Or maybe I deleted any porn PMs a year or so ago and can't remember. Meh.
    I tried reading through a good bulk of them once.
    I swear to god, I was such a stubborn, single-minded moron way back when.
    Sorry 'bout that.
    I don't know if you'll ever see this but...

    'Daawwww. Though, from what is there...Damn, you wrote about some nasty stuff when you were younger.
    Do you by any chance have any parts of these fan fics anywhere? Even just segments or something. It's real interesting stuffs. o.o
    I'm horrendous at making custom characters with good backgrounds. That was my other fallout besides being unable to draw eyes.

    But GPX PMs don't save the history (which is the prime reason I detest PMs)... D= On SPPf, we have a year and a half of archives, and it's all fully re-readable at any time. If you do have to switch permanently, perhaps we could switch to something like Bulbagarden- being faster (or so I have seen) whilst still using vBulletin's Visitor Messaging system...? (Of course I still have to make 5 more posts before it will "allow" me to use the VM system- it requires 10 posts.)
    Lulzsexism Like raep?

    Wait, so was Latio born/reincarnated at the same time as Bianca, but "crawled away somewhere" by the time Butch & Cassidy found Bianca, or was he pre-existing, and was one of the few people that avoided death in the war?

    Hiroyuki? And the Pokemon Colosseum/GoD:XD Cipher? (Isn't GoD:XD the worst acronym ever? It has "XD", laughing, as a response to "GoD". Laughing at God. How has that not gotten millions of pages of controversy by now!?!? I honestly have never seen one outcry over that. Maybe the Soccor Moms just forgot.) They came to Hoenn? Explain plz. And, does only Vivid gain Telepathy and Pyrokinesis because of her pre-existing psychokinesis, or do the other two gain Telepathy and Pyrokenesis too? Well actually, I don't even know if the same thing happened to all three of them. What exactly did Cipher do to them anyway?

    Did people "treat Bianca as a freak" or such while she was traveling? How and for what exactly does she use her powers on her journey?
    Not in the hentai it's not. =D

    Any specific backstory of how Misty met Ellen, or is it just some "They just met and became friends like any average pair of friends."? And Ellen like Brock continued traveling with Ash into Sinnoh after Johto, right?

    Why was Drew overprotective than? He seemed more "free-experience-y (or something)" than anyone. o.o

    How could Bianca have a brother who she was aware of? Unless he was 16 years+ older than Bianca... In which case she wouldn't know about him anyway, being reincarnated and not having memories of her past life... ...Unless she did have memories (or if someone told her (though who would tell her anyway if they didn't know it was her? (BAH.))). And, "Bianca(Lati)"? Is Lati the name Butch & Cassidy (or someone at Team Rocket, whatever) gave Bianca's reincarnation? And why is Latio's name so similar? ALL THESE COINCEDENCES. PARADOXES AHHHHHHHHHBABLINGHHHHHHHHH.

    Ooh, Bianca gained "powers"? Are these like Vivid's?
    This is some extensive stuff. :eek:

    Okay- then I proclaim that Wally reproduced asexually (Michael's Mom is Wally's left hand).
    THIS IS NOW FACT DEAL WITH IT.That or steamy Wally on Gardevoir hentai.

    Anime-Wise, yes, that is supposedly true, Brendan would be Birch's son. Though if you wanna get technical, Brendan was "meant to be" the son of Norman, canonically. (The characters was designed with that in mind, I mean. I.E. with things like hair color. Brendan intentionally has Black Hair like Norman and May has Brown Hair like Professor Birch. I remember this being mentioned in some sort of interview or something similar, somewhere, though I cant remember where. It mentioned that this fact was used specifically to place their roles in the Pokemon Special Manga. *Shrug*)

    So May named her daughter after he old traveling companion? Huh. Who is Ellen specifically, anyway? And why would May and Drew specifically NOT want their daughter to travel and participate in contests? They both did and had a seemingly enjoyable journey. I'd think they'd encourage it.

    Also, something I forgot to ask; what's this "Alto Mare war"?
    Edward Elric lulz hehe. Also who did Wally get with? I have a hard time imagining it. Unless he got it with May (as they were all friends and stuff (seeing as "Brendan Birch" infers that May was the "player character" (even though this seems to be stemming from the anime, which would mean that was false (more parenthesis (WHAT HAPPENED TO MAY DAMMIT!?))))). In which case I envy him. Or did he got hot shiz with his Gardevior? In which case would mean that MICHAEL HAS PSYCHIC POWERS! (And that's how the Psychic trainer class was born. Bestiality. THE HUMANITY.)
    Oh- and did Vivi die because of the childbirth or was it just "poorly timed random disease or something yay"?
    Of death?

    I used to draw Manga, but I stopped after I realized I was terrible at it.
    Especially with eyes. I can't draw eyes. That's why all my stuff always have weird ones.
    ...That Chameleon is a great example, actually. I kinda like exotic eyes, though.

    After the main series? Like what...?
    Not a lot- I don't do it regularly. Though I do somewhat enjoy drawing creatures.
    It's more of a situation thing. That thing is for a contest, for example.
    A bit of a problem for me though is I'm terrible at digital coloring. Blah.
    Nah- not really up to the task of Safari Stalking right now.
    Chances are someone would steal it before I get it anyway.
    Oh, yeah, forgot to reply to that.

    Thanks for the consideration- but I don't need it.
    I picked up a few Blissey in the Safari before, so I already have that one.
    I only need Scyther/Scizor, Tauros, and Kangaskhan.
    *Shrug* That's why I thought it was an accident.
    Or because Dedede's a huge target and I just missed with SideSmash.
    I remember you getting me with Sing at one point in a match. But IIRC that wasn't when you used Rest. You missed with Rest randomly, in a different situation, and then I charged an Up Smash when you were immobile for a KO.

    IIRC I lost, so yeah. Thank god for me you only used him once. I'm terrible against Ike (Proofread Edit: Hey look I'm telling you my weaknesses why do I do that). I still lose when my brother uses him sometimes. And my brother doesn't even regularly play Brawl. In fact he's not really that good at all. And I lose. RAHH.

    You use a couple I haven't used. I should watch a few of those combo videos on Youtube or check some sort of guide or something.

    I thought that one against Dedede was an accident. o_O
    Ah... Rest. Good times good times. I remember when I got Jiggly from Random I always utterly abused Rest-Killing. I remember one time you went and complained about how you can never hit it ever I killed twice when I don't even main her. It was funneh.

    In fact I suddenly decided to go off and find the quote after finding this.

    I find it sad that I could hardly aim Jiggs' Rest in a Brawl and mained her; while you don't and got your opponent twice w/o even trying! >.>
    Beep boop bop

    Sheik? IIRC you only used her in one match, and only for one stock. So I couldn't really say much.
    He's unpracticed and a bit messy, but I won one or two randoms with him.
    Definitely gotta practice tipping with him, and remembering out those combos.

    Uh... Barely remember specific matches, but, I'll try...
    Pit... I remember Pit being an untouchable pain intehbutt. You're very good at annoying and outspeeding with him.
    Ike... I think you only used him once or twice. You seemed a bit... unpracticed? You used moves rather predictably, and tended to miss quite a bit. I think.
    Samus... I don't recall you really used her or ZSS outside in any serious games, so I couldn't say with her.
    Kirby... I think you only used him once. I don't remember him being too overthetop. Eh?
    Zelda... You only used her once or twice as well. You were just as spoton as usual though, I found. Sweetspotting every other move.
    Ness... I don't think you used him. Did you?
    Peach... Pretty good, though I ran away a bit too much in the matches you used her to tell.
    Jigglypuff... Amazingly confusingly annoying. Though you left yourself open a bit.

    Yeah. I honestly didn't have much confidence to make any genuine approaches. Though I did really only use him 2 or 3 times (literally) since I started playing again. If I tried getting back into motion with him, I could maybe make him one of my usable characters, but I think I can safely say Kirby stole his spot as my 1st, for now.

    I've never been the guy that regularly does specific combos. Really, the only thing I ever really used regularly that could be called a combo is G&W's DThrow to DSmash. Though I found, while just in random matches, Kirby has amazing combo potential with just ordinary moves- especially out of his throws. They is funfun.

    My recorded main, anyway, yes. I have to admit though that those matches were the first time I used Dedede since I started to play again; never used him in any sort of random WiFi.
    Other "regulars" that I use often, but don't hold a specific numbered spot, are Game & Watch, Sonic, and ROB. And, to a much much MUUUCH lesser extent, Donkey Kong, Marth, Pokemon Trainer, Yoshi, and Lucario.
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