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  • Never heard of it. Mom didn't know of it either.
    Yes. D:

    All in a day's work, from your friendly neighborhood psychopath.
    ...The what?

    I don't exactly love the idea of death either, but I try to think about it somewhat logically... I would LOVE for there to be an afterlife, but it just sounds too unreasonable.

    I'm jewish. I don't read the bible. ... ;D
    Though I hear it's not all 'god, blah blah, god, blah, jesus, blah'. There is some good will in it.

    An infinite state of unawareness. That's how I see it. An idea of 'heaven' seems unreasonable to me.
    Really, that just seems like a human fantasy... and it's not like it really has any basis at all.
    It's just some thing that some guy came up with...
    Think of it reasonably though.

    So, life... Yeah, it's a pretty big thing.
    Though who says there has to be some giant great thing that started it all?
    Why does there have to be some supposed story behind it?
    Why can't something huge, be little more than... an accident?

    A bat? Ololol.
    "it makes it seem like the entire human race was one big accident"
    That's basically the jist of it.

    ...Life evolved from single cells anyway. And while near impossible to reconstruct, it's been proven that in an undeveloped world filled with molten gasses that a mix of certain chemicals at a certain moment can produce a single celled organism. That organism splits, etc. etc. etc., evolution, etc. etc. etc., animals, etc. etc. etc., more evolution, etc. etc. etc., humans.

    In a world of empty space and literally NO source of heat, the world would be VEERRYY cold. Colder than can really ever be possible again, even in space. An atom can easily rip under the pressure, and, ker-explosion, blah.
    Hehehe. *Continues lounging at home.*

    I blv in teh science.

    I know the pork thing (and I just had some but 40 minutes ago), but never heard of shellfish being bad. o.o
    ... ...*Continues noming on shrimp that I actually had in my mouth AS I TYPED THIS.* o_O
    ...I'm not 'taking off'. The school is closed. =X
    Even Christians get off.

    Technically, I consider myself atheist...

    Pork, I don't really eat it that much because I don't really like it.
    ...What's wrong with Shellfish? o.o I love shellfish.

    School? YouHaveSchoolTomorrowHehehehehWhatALoser.
    I have no school tomorrow due to Yom Kippur. =)
    ...Oh yeah. You can leave Giratina. I forgot about that.
    The Poke-Mart guy can only hold three items at once, IIRC....

    It wasn't that, it was just that, well...
    Yeah, but the actual Pokemon itself is guaranteed to be shiny. It doesn't really count. =X

    I would hold it off as little as possible- I ended up having to give up SRing for a shiny Palkia, because I needed to go to the mart and pick up a Darkrai so I had room for the Shaymin event.
    Go, before your 3-item-max runs out as well. D:

    Did you name him Behemoth? :B

    Yeah, probably. Timid sucks for him.
    Either Adamant or Jolly work.
    No, Giratina's overworlds always appear normal, regardless of whether it's shiny.

    ...There are no shiny overworld sprites, except for Hg/Ss.
    Though that's only for caught Pokemon...
    Un-caught overworlds are still regular.

    Dun worry, he'll show up some day.~
    Yeah, they did change the pace a bit- I actually liked it quite a lot.
    One of my favorites, actually. ...Too bad I'll probably never really hear it except once off of Youtube, and when I do, It's a one-time area...

    I'm sure you've noticed, look at 1:08.
    A small medley of the Azure Flute, Dialga & Palkia's theme, and Giratina's theme. Dunno what it was, but I especially loved that part for some reason.
    Eh, all they really do is make "movies" out of video gameplay, usually with Brawl, Super Mario 64, or an FPS. The machinimators themselves also end up in dramafests frequently, from my experience. >.>

    I'd much rather hang out with you guys and my AiB pals than with machinimators and machinimating teams. "All work and no play" with frequent catfights thrown into the mix isn't really my cup of tea. d:
    Perhaps. I'm still pretty sure he gambles.

    By the way, have you heard this before? I want to fap to it it's that amazing.
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