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  • Oh yeah! Did you need Arceus cloned and send back? If you need more than 1 clone let me know. :0
    Cool. I am cloning, should have the Mews in a couple seconds, then I'll be ready~
    Alright, I'm preeeeeeetty sure I'll actually be home at that time, then need to clone. If for any reason I'll be later I'll let you know!
    That's like 3 AM my time lol, way overkill since I'm off by 10 PM (6 AM your time). 14 hour difference makes things tricky.
    To be clear, I'll be available from 2 PM Sat (10 PM Fri your time), and I've also got time my Sun morning from maybe 10 AM (6 PM Sat your time). Seeing as how catching each other isn't working, if you have a specific time in mind let me know so I can be here for sure!
    I came on but didn't see you around?? I'm out of weekday time though so yeah, that'll have to do. I'll be around my Sat afternoon and Sun morning.
    That would explain why no one looks there...I've been on here for 10 years so that's probably why haha.
    Like my trade thread? Course its not in there, it's in my profile next to "Nintendo 3DS Friend Code." >w>
    Agh that sucks! I figured something had happened. @@ I thiiiiiink the same time should be okay? (I messaged you at 8:30 PM my time which should still be good; I've got a dinner meet from around 6-7:30 PM I think but any time after that will work!)
    Hi! I am around but need to do a couple other trades first, then clone the Mew. Do you still have time or is it better to try again tomorrow?
    If you are still looking, I extra yveltals and xerneas, and i could get my shiny event mewtwo cloned for you
    Hi do you still have Starly Egg move Roost,Steel wing,Feather Dance,Double Edge ?
    I think I have EM Tyrunt/Totodile ur looking for
    k so am kinda back now but can more likely come on the weekends than the week days if you still need those berries youll let me know
    yo shari havent been feeling to play poke much not even change cartridges to check if i have the berries (kinda lazy like that ill send you what i got right after i send this but as of now i kinda feeling kinda stepping away form poke a bit:/ idk for sure but i may jsut up and go sometime soon if i dont stop feeling so bored of it
    Excuse me. The pokemon you listed in your message in the event trading thread, are those for trade or the ones you're looking for? If it's the former I'm very interested in getting that Movie 18 Arceus. ^.^
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