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Last Activity:
Aug 23, 2011
Apr 7, 2008
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August 23

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Advanced tier

Shark was last seen:
Aug 23, 2011
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    2. grayzoroark
      i can get a DW croagunk to you. What for?
    3. shadow_burnt
      Hey do you have an adamant DW staravia female?
    4. Doobius
      can you help me out with me dw female quest? see my sig.
    5. Ju-da-su

      That's what you call pro hack checker....I don't even know how he gets to those...lol

      It's probably legitly obtained then tampered by someone else afterward. Iirc, those details, like escape sequence and stuffs, got changed or deleted whenever the pokemon data is altered by external device. I already kinda know that there's some idiot around here who has been playing around with that since someone else asked me a short while ago if Dom's Chimchar is actually flawless or not since he got that pokemon but it appeared to be flawless (just for your info though, Dom's Chimchar isn't flawless...not even IV'd, actually. I can say this since I was the one who got it from the original OT of it, so I do have the original one), so...if I get the pokemon from someone who's not the original OT, even though they have proof of legitimacy in obtaining, I send them for hack checking anyway...and a very thorough check as well. -_-"

      Well, obviously, asking for just the proof of legitimacy said nothing about whether someone play around with that pokemon in Pokesav before it got traded or not, so...-_-"
    6. Ju-da-su
      Confirmed. I asked ReignOfComputer, the well-known hack checker at Bulbagarden, and he did say that that Charmander is hacked as well...Waiting for him to reply with his reason though, so I'll get back to you with what he said about it later.
    7. shmavik
      your dw espeon have stats 31?
    8. Wardek
      I want to know the name of the person that traded you the Porygon.
    9. Wardek
      I have a DW Croagunk, but the owner can't get the proof now. From who did you receive it?
    10. JohnJohnFrankFrank
      Sorry dude, but I'm just starting to collect them myself. I MIGHT have a UT DW Arceus and DW Glaceon in a few days (with possible proof).
    11. Wardek
      Umm.... i have received the wrong Chimchar and i thought it was the one for the proof.. ^^; I can give you a Dream World Vaporeon as a replacment.

      Edit: I am also willing to trade a Dream World Togekiss that i have got myself for the Dreamworld Porygon if you don't mind, and did you get the DW Porygon from Crobatowns?
      Edit2: Confirmed, it's Dom, therefore the Chimchar is the right one. Anyways, i'll trade DW Vaporeon/Togekiss for your DW Porygon if you didn't receive it from Crobatowns, if you have then i'll give you both now for nothing, as i can see your developing and getting events so fast, so i might be able to get DW Starters for both later as if someone has traded you both i'll miss my chance. ^^;
    12. shmavik
    13. shmavik
      for clone post Vargas_Nano
    14. shmavik
      i can trade blaziken with speed boost ev training all 31 expert sp atk nature adamant clone for dw arceus
    15. JohnJohnFrankFrank
      Would you be willing to trade your DW Arceus for any of my following events?!?
      I'm an avid collector and would love to add your Arceus to my collection :3

      They're all legit and UT (btw, they are not in any order, sorry):

      Nintendo Zone Jirachi
      Japanese Birthday Charmander
      'Sleepy' Japanese Pikachu (knows rest, sleep talk, snore and yawn)
      Japanese PokemonCenter Meowth
      Japanese Birthday Houndour
      Japanese PC Yokohama Pikachu (knows thunder, surf and protect)
      Japanese ANA Pikachu
      Japanese Goonz Scizor
      P-Ranger "Kyle's" Riolu
      P-Ranger "Oblivia's" Shaymin
      P-Ranger "Oblivia's" Heatran
      SMR2010 Jiranchi
      Michina Arceus
      ALAMOS Darkrai
      VGC09 Milotic
      VGC10 Eevee
      World09 Weavile
      World08 Lucario
      Japanese Pokemon Event 07 Mew
      Gamestp Deoxys
      GAMESTP Jirachi
      SPR2010 Pichu
      EUSMR09 Regigigas
      NPower Pikachu
      Nzone Pikachu
      PALCITY Lucario
      Japanese AND English "Hayley's" Mew
      PKTOPIA Magmortar
      PKTOPIA Electivire
      PKTOPIA Pikachu
      PCNYd Altaria
      WIN2011 Suicune
      Aura Mew
      Japanese AND English MYSTRY Mew
      Shiny lv 100 English MYSTRY Mew (Don't know exactly were I got this one, sorry:/)
      WISHMKR Jirachi
      SPACE C Deoxys
      MATTLE Ho-oh
      TCGWC Pikachu (knows Surf, Thunderbolt, Light Screen and Quick Attack)
      "ERIC's" Zigzagoon (knows Extremespeed)
      Movie11 Shaymin
      Japanese Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas
      Japanese Pokemon Movie 08 Shaymin
      Japanese Pokemon Movie 09 Arceus
      Japanese Pokemon Movie 09 Pichu
      Japanese Pokemon Movie 10 Raikou
      Japanese Pokemon Movie 10 Entei
      Japanese Pokemon Movie 10 Suicune
      TRU Shaymin
      TRU Arceus
      TRU Dragonite
      TRU Regigigas
      JEREMY Growlithe
      JEREMY Gengar

      I also have a legit shiny female Poochyena at lv 6 and a shiny male Gyaradose at lv 30. Both are in english and are also UT.
    16. KnyfeStab
      can i trade you a Focus Sash or Leftovers for a DW Female Wailmer?
    17. Wardek
      What Gotta catch em' all events you have?
    18. Wardek
      What TFE events you have?
    19. Wardek
    20. Wardek
      Do you have a link to a list of your events?
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    August 23
    Favourite Pokémon:


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    dw torchic (speed boost)
    dw treecko (unburden)
    dw squirtle (rain dish)
    dw piplup (defaint)
    dw turtwig (shell armor)
    dw mamoswine (thick fat)
    dw croagunk (poison touch)