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  • Haha, it's ok, I am way over him now...some things happened and now suddenly the whole school knows about me/it XD
    Hmm...sort of, when he's around me, he seems to get very nervous ( i do the same thing xD ). But other than that, we just seem like friends ( no, i don't have a facebook )
    Wow, that seems like a lot of work!

    I just got back from school, where I got a smile from my crush in my ( our ) last class ^^ ( btw, he already knows I like him, and we're just friends for now. Also, in one class, we were in a group with these other people, and he was asked this question about falling in love too quickly. He said "people should just be friends and get to know each first before they fall in love, and he sent me an email a few days ago saying that we should start talking more and become friends. I was so excited!! But I'm sure he didn't mean that we would fall in love after ;) )
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