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Recent content by shatteredrose

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    I just saw the American dub of "New Places....Familiar Faces!" Can anyone tell me (in a spoiler tag) if Team Rocket is going to be back in every bloody episode? I can handle stupid Team Rocket every once in a while, but every episode? No. I loved the new Team Rocket. I just hope the creators...
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    #207 Gligar / #472 Gliscor

    Looking for a DW female gligar. Don't need original, you can breed me a female if you'd prefer that. I have a few other DW females. Contact via PM. I've been trying to find one in my DW, but have had no luck.
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    Future E4 Team Rate/Suggestion

    I currently have 5 solid members for my future E4 team. I had been using Scolipede for a try, but it's simply become dead weight. I'm looking for replacement suggestions for Scolipede based on the following planned E4 team: Samurott - Surf - Ice Beam - Megahorn - Revenge (still working...
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    #133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

    I looking for a Timid Female Eevee. Nothing too special. PM for trade negotiations.
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    #522 Blitzle / #523 Zebstrika

    Looking for Female Blitzle/Zebstrika with Sap Sipper. PM me if you have one to work out a trade!
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    #540 Sewaddle / #541 Swadloon / #542 Leavanny

    I'm looking for a female Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny with overcoat! If you have one with an adamant nature, that'd be even better! PM me for trade; we'll see what we can work out.
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    From what I understand, Zorua can appear in any wild area of any kingdom as long as Kotaro is in that battle. This means that you can't just look at an area and see which Pokemon are in there. You won't know if Zorua is one of the Pokemon until you are in the battle with Kotaro. Also, for Zorua...
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    You are awesome! Thanks! :D Where did you learn Japanese? Or did you just teach yourself?
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    Well, I already tried using google translate, but it doesn't work. I'd have to use Kanji and the like to make it work. But I don't know Japanese. Sooo, I was just trying to get a rough estimate for some of the words/sounds that I was unsure of.
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    Can anyone help me with these pronunciations? XP Nene: nay-nay or nee-nee? Gō: go or gow? Gotoku: go-toe-ku? Nō: no or no-ee or no-eh? Asahi: ah-saw-hee? Ume: oom-eh or u-may? The difference between Kay and Kei? Thanks! :D
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    I certainly have! This event problem really detracts from the game's replay value! I'm not going to want to restart the game if I can't get all the events! I think the "event method" of releasing "extra" content was an extremely poor decision on the creators' part. :/ UGH, BELDUM! I had a...
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    No. If you recruit a warlord during an episode, they WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY be in your army for the next episode. You can, however, recruit said warlord again during another episode (provided that the warlord is available during that episode). But, any Pokemon you link and any PKMN or Warlord...
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    Oh....duh. Sorry, totally forgot about that requirement. Still, once his episode is completed, it should be possible to recruit and evolve him in a different episode.
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    Patience. Which episode are you playing? There are some episodes where you are not conquering the regions that included Mitsuhide's. Thus, it is logical that you wouldn't be able to recruit him in said episodes. I'm playing Hideyoshi's episode right now, and I'm willing to bet that I'll be able...
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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion

    I'm not positive because I haven't done this, but usually whatever is in your gallery will be carried over to other episodes. So I would think that an evolved Oichi would carry over as long as you have the updated Oichi in your gallery. I would say make sure you battle using Oichi to ensure that...