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  • Where does she pull titles out of nowhere? I sometimes added them to characters if it was my first time mentioning them in the entries. When I add them it's quite deliberate.
    Alright then. As you could probably tell, I have a lot on mine. More than half my writing is my character Myriv's journal entries, which is basically a log of one of the D&D campaigns I'm in.
    Though it's not like the evil half has its own free will or anything. Something to think about is why she would listen to her evil half at all, if the goal is to suppress it. Wouldn't she make a huge effort not to listen to it?
    My friend and I are rolling with the near death experience for the RP, thanks for the suggestion. Esperon's going to be mortally wounded by a powerful enemy, and eventually together they are going to fight and kill him. I guess I forgot to mention, the RP is cross universe D&D and Homestuck. It's going to be interesting, my friend and I know little about each other's fandom, so our characters know about as much about how it works as we do.

    And then the thing to think about is 'how much of it is actually delusion'. Since it sounds to me like this character legitimately wants to be the better person, what with suppressing the vengeful tendencies.
    Won't be too hard for them to see each other as actual people despite Esperon being an assassin. Both of them are from societies where murder and backstabbing are pretty commonplace. They fit right in to each other's societies.

    That is a pretty odd quirk not gonna lie. I guess the niceness is just a front for an eventual knife in the back?
    She will do something like that. Though she'd probably phrase it more like, "It's because the revolution needs me, right?" Making the assumption it had more to do with her being useful than anything. But is then informed otherwise.
    I do like the idea of waking up from unconsciousness, I might end up rolling with that. Though she'd probably wake up understanding that someone actually does care about her and be unable to avoid it any longer. I can also see where her friend almost dies and Esperon realizes she really really does not want her to die. Thanks for the idea, I can work with this.

    I can see a character like that rehumanizing like that. I've seen things like that work well.
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