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  • Yeah the female didn't hatch until after we traded =/
    Wow I wasn't going to ask for anything in particular for it, but I'd love a GW Fletchling if you think you can spare one!
    And don't rush on my order, I'm in no big hurry! =)
    Oh, you're already done with Refreeze? Oh, I thought you'd give it to him, because I need to give him something a customer gave me anyway. But if you've already given it to him, I can give you something for it, since your order isn't done yet. I've got 4IV pairs of Impish BP Chespins, Adamant GW Fletchlings, Jolly Pinsirs, and Larvitars, if you want any of those. It's the least I can do (I'm still gonna do your order obviously, but I'm working on Blackwing's order and a new project for the shop simultaneously).
    Lol, I'll hand over Tyrunt to Moose, I have no reason to keep one myself. I've also experienced a little bit of a delay on the bus ride home so might be a little late.
    I'd appreciate it. Refreeze is the one handling your Noibat, so it's his call, but I've been hunting for a female Tyrunt with good IV's for a shop project. I'll let him know I've discussed this with you.
    To MooseSmuggler- The Tyrunt is a male, but I can check if I have any females with decent IVs!
    To RefreezePR- That would be wonderful, thank you!!!
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