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  • Sorry dude, I don't know you. Since I don't add people I don't know.

    If I end up knowing who you are later on, I might end up adding you on my list, but for now, not right now. But thanks for that.
    Hey dude, how r u?

    Just a quick reminder, when u credit someone for their work, you need to add it into ur signature, near the image... so please write it in ur sig...

    If you copy and paste this into ur sig, that would be great:
    [noparse]Thanks to Insidious_Dreamer of Trace for the awesome banner![/noparse]
    Hey shaymin - thanks! Glad you like it! I'm hopefully getting a shop approved soon - the thread will be called »» T®ª¢€ «« .... So yeah when you credit I would appreciate you saying 'Insidious_Dreamer of Trace'

    Um, about the sig, just copy and paste this into ur signature:


    If that doesn't work, right click on the top/bottom image, go to preferences, it should tell you the image "location" and then just paste that into your sig with the [noparse][IMG][/noparse] tags. Remember to put a single return between the first and second images.

    If you want the image in the centre, the include [noparse] before the first [IMG][/noparse]

    Oh, and if the links are too long, go to www.tinyurl.com copy only the url for each, not the IMG coding, and get the site to change it to a shorter one (the new one should something like 'www.tinyurl.com/5cd7e9'), copy the new shorter one in to ur sig and u'll be fine!!

    Have fun, and yeah, please spread the word!!

    Yes, because if you read the infraction, it links directly back to the topic it originated from. Reading clearly isn't one of your skills.
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