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  • Hmm, I didn't think of that. It'd be a pain to take it all down, but if people are using it to make hacks I guess I'll have to. Tbh I don't care THAT much about proof, as long as the events don't match Powersave dates, but other people do. (I don't care for events that much most of the time either, since I'm a Shiny collector, but people want events with proof and I live in Japan so, kinda no choice).
    Idk about anything in particular; I have a pretty complete list of stuff I'd want in my trade thread I think, but other than that there's not much. I'll have to think about it and get back to you!
    Thank you very much for the trade! Was gonna offer my Shiny Tapu Koko but saw you had one already. @w@
    Alrighty, connecting now! If you spot me feel free to send a request. I am also Road in-game!
    Oh good, just in time! Let me clone real quick and then I'll be ready.
    Hi there! I am around for the next couple hours! Let me know if you are around and I'll clone everything real quick and hop on.
    I would have no problem trade you that Mew instead of the PNCY Pokemon.

    Could we trade this weekend? Since with school started I don't have time to trade on the weekdays.
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