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  • Tough call, but what would you say your favorite dub song (opening, insert, movie ending) is?
    All these options. You're right, this is a very hard call. Though I guess my favorite dub song would have to be This Side of Paradise from the Deoxys movie. It's so very happy and I listen to it very frequently. I listen to that song more than I do the actual openings and most of the other movie endings (Not saying that the others are bad though!)
    I finally found all the Pokemon from my first Pokemon game, Diamond on Pokemon Battle Rev. I will miss you, my Diamond game cart.
    Hey, you're not dead, I hope.
    That really sucks, actually. Though maybe the char limit will be fixed? I mean they are using a new layout and all.
    Wishmaker Latias
    I just tried, still 420.

    Also, I will vanish from the internet next week for who knows how long(moving out), so don't be surprised to not see me.

    P.S. maybe use PMs due to char limit?
    Wishmaker Latias
    Well, I may try them someday, but I have plenty of other games I may want to play.

    Yeah, I heard of Mr. Perfect, this is nowhere as hard. And it seems the link to my profile was broken, whoops, will fix that. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198228104384/stats/JetSetRadio
    Here, proof that it is not that hard and you can go for it if you want. Don't get grabbed by regular goons, dogs, or that fire guy, any other damage doesn't count. You also can't fail missions, so do the xbox quitting to dashboard, task manager on PC and simply load manual save on the Dreamcast before the time runs out or if you got grabbed.
    Actually I did that with GIMP and then used a little program to overwrite the existing custom spray.
    I did make decent enough pixelart on the Drawn to Life games, but otherwise suck at in-built drawing tools.

    I wouldn't get the game either way, because anything with loot crates is evil, even cosmetic, but it is good fun to watch the dumpsterfire drama.
    We have multiple actors in that mess of a play.
    In the main role we have EA, who started this mess and their responses became legendary meme material. Even though EA did a big string of shady buisness in succession, the other big contender is Bungie/Activision who had a story of constant stream of shady things followed by "Sorry, we'll look into that" when caught, also they took Christmas and turned it into a money milking machine.
    And there's some MMO called Rift which got in the radar for a brief moment when they thought of 100 dollar loot boxes.

    Thanks, best wishes to you too.

    Although my hate toward loot boxes may be not 100%, a game called Armello is really catching my eye, and I hear the loot box situation isn't so bad, you can buy any item directly off the steam market and like the most expensive legendary item available goes for like 13 bucks and not in the thousands like other games have.
    And you're guaranteed either a key or chest after every match regardless of the winner.
    Huh, I thought people loved everything with Paper Mario plastered onto it, I guess I was wrong then.
    But I think I did see a fair share of people going all crazy fan boyish over the thousand year door I think...

    That achievement only requires you to not get caught by the regular grunts who try to grab you.
    Missiles, tear gas, bullets, heights, flamethrowers do not count.
    On PC you can task manager force close and Xbox apparently has some quitting to dashboard thing, so you can just keep resetting.
    I have them all actually. http://steamcommunity.com/id/awful-artist-dragon/stats/JetSetRadio
    Honestly All Jet is the only real big deal...
    Everything is more or less fine, aside sonic snowboarding, that does not seem to be consistent at all, I can have full speed and get that extra life after the ramp in City Escape, yet still only get a Cool instead of Awesome that usually ends up getting the 1up too
    I'll return to doing that eventually, I mean I've gotten through Wings of Vi and almost lost my mind on how high that difficulty was, I don't think I'll let myself get beat by some Dreamcast game after that ride to hell and back. (Although who knows, Sonic's a bit glitchy, might actually smash something if I randomly fall through the floor after almost perfectly doing the whole level)

    Hints are fine for A ranks since you have to memorize them anyway.
    Although those that have like 5 random places associated to certain text are pure garbage.

    I don't really know about TF2, I honestly choose to stay away from games with micro transactions like the plague. (LOOT BOXES BOO)

    But hey, I have a new game on my to do list, Final Fantasy XV!

    Also it doesn't help the Switch that all other platforms are getting Okami HD except Nintendo's...
    But don't people like all the Paper Mario stuff? Never played any of them...

    The kinda hidden shortcuts were so useful in Fight or Flight going for Jet, the high graffiti stat characters have stupidly low HP and you have two xtra large tags in the sewers, and going the normal route of rooftops>water tower and boathouse>sewers>construction has the sewers flooded with those jetpack assassins and good luck doing a full XL combo without getting gunned down with them around.
    I went with rooftops(not finished)>sewers>construction>rooftops(finished)>water tower and boathouse
    That worked!

    Well I am taking a break from SA2 for a while and I will return to Chao stuff later.
    The treasure hunt A ranks are okay, Sonic's A ranks, what is with those stupid score requirements, 18k+ seriously?

    Oh Mad Space, gotta give it to it, the gravity is absolute garbage and mission five has two emeralds with a huge deal of gravity the one just under a planet, too high and you cling to the planet, too low and you start to spiral down back to earth. The other one was like on the exact gravitational south pole of another planet, on an elevated platform, and the game gets so confused trying to process gravity around the vicinity of the polar regions...

    Hopefully it gets that issue solved.
    Well so far the only real PC exclusives that I want and can't run are going to be Ori and Will of the Wisps(on xbox too but definitely not getting that) and Stellaris. No real reason to upgrade ASAP just for those, will upgrade in like maybe 4 years...
    Sorry, I have not played sticker star...
    I wouldn't have found all of them without a guide because:
    How at first you get small sections of a level closed of for the first missions and then for chapter three and the three Jet missions it is kinda interconnected.
    When I saw the subway station in Benten I thought it was a warp, but it was blocked off so I forgot about it until way later trying to mess around trying to plan out routes for the Jet Graffiti missions, and what do you know, the subway had not one, but two hidden souls!
    Usually the races you do in the story serve as a way to teach you the routes, but there wasn't one using the subway so...

    Well for a feature that it seems EVERYONE loves I expected a little more guides and stuff,
    I won the crab pool race even though my chao was inferior in swimming stats, but having good running made it get a headstart by making a long jump, barely made it. Good to know there is an actual fleshed out minigame if I have to do it for the emblems.
    I still have to do the expert kart race, all Sonic A ranks and pretty much all chao activities.

    It's cheaper but it does not have many games that I want to justify getting it just to play Spla2n.

    I meant like on PC, the thing that everyone has, and more leaning to the Zelda games like WW and TP and well BotW, because pokemon is supposed to be a small game for a handheld.
    Everyone's on about the PC master race thing, while in fact that may be true, yet a computer superior to the current consoles costs a lot more too.
    My computer from 2011 is priced still relatively high at about 300 bucks due to the stuff like the i3 processor and a GTS 450 GPU, but it falls behind on all aspects for the minimum requirements on the games I checked including the processor at times. And since i3 is a popular choice for those under 500 dollars gaming PCs then well...
    The souls are not the problem, just use a guide, aside that one in Bantam street where you have to chain wallrides while going up on the billboards, that one took half an hour.
    The real challenge is all Jet Crush stages on Jet Rank, Benten is probably the hardest to simply finish, but I got Jet on the first try I actually beat the damn mission. Kogane though, 115 huh, glad I know speedrunning tech a bit.

    I beat all stories! *Drowning music on last Knuckles stage* that level...
    I didn't quite understand how the Chao Garden works on my few visits actually, I got one to hatch on its own and then kept giving it dragons(because that's classic me) until it started to look like one... Then why not just fully commit to that, so I started to get more and more dragons...
    I have no idea where this is going, but imagine it will involve even more dragons...

    I do not, I would get it if it had free online services like Nintendo used to do on their older stuff.
    But since it does not have that, one of the few exclusive games that I would be interested in falls flat(Splatoon 2), Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey alone are not enough to convince me to get it for the singleplayer experience. Switch indie games even run on my old PC, so... The Switch version of Dark Souls 3 is still not very much confirmed while the other games the other consoles have that I would like (Final Fantasy XV and NieR: Automata are probably not going to ever happen), so I probably will go for a PS4 Slim on a New Year sale or something and not pay for the online services as I am not a fan of multiplayer all that much, however a game like Splatoon without multiplayer just seems not the same.

    Honestly I would have liked for the switch to fail and so Nintendo wouldn't leave many of their amazing games exclusive to their consoles and do like SEGA did, release their stuff on other platforms.
    Oh well, if it is a success, good for those that have one I guess...
    Ah, i like his power in the anime XD I've grown to like pichu and raichu a bit more though

    What is your favorite pokemon game? :3
    You should probably just use the word 'dislike' next time. I...get anxiety when i see the word h*te x.x;

    I don't like exploud very much. He might be my least favorite XD He remind's me of my dad >_<;;; all yelly and stuff. Funny enough, he also look's like a troll xD; and trolls were a huge issue for me...
    Well out of my old list I did 100% Jet Set Radio and Brutal Legend, the games I could not play due to controller issues.
    I also got a new game on the "I should get to playing this for once" list. Sonic Adventure 2! Good that the list has only one game instead of two.
    I didn't play it much because I tried a lot and took a while to beat Wings of Vi on what is that game's "normal" mode.
    Although the difficulties for it should be hard/insane/masochistic.
    But now since I beat the final boss after over 2000 deaths and 31 hours just on that fight, I'll take a few week break and then hopefully try and do the list.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 seems fun although I did not play it because I simply can't!
    So go and kick grass in it for me!

    Yeah I should do as much as I can on the list before considering getting a console.
    I find a lot of pokemon cute :3 Theres also a lot of pokemon i don't find cute XD Theres all kinds of pokemon^^

    Yeah, i don't have troll problems now. Since i keep sign ups disabled when no one is joining and the url secret from the public :p
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