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  • Well, some weird line-up of stars happened and I was somehow not shy in talking to someone I don't know yet, that's not my usual self though, and it's a sad thing, making new friends is always good, but I'm just too shy for that :'(

    Other than that, enjoying the evening.
    How about you?
    haha well one, that wasn't her that's why we went as friends and i'm going to college here in my city i live in but that girl is leaving to texas for college so......yeah but that's not who i was talking about she's literally just a friend haha
    Hahaha, yeah. Funny how a source of light can serve as a great stimuli for flies. idk what is so attractive about it, but there's something.
    oh okay lol and I see, and Yeah I did go, mine was April 18th XD it was okay, I feel like I went with the wrong person because me and her just went as friends.....
    PK Starstorm does not use an insane amount of PP. It is by far the most efficient of all the ultimate attacks, and is easily the best among them. Once you get PK Starstorm, Poo basically has absolutely no reason at all to use any other Offensive PSI unless he is seriously running that low on PP, in which case he should not use any Offensive PSI at all, but use PSI Magnet and Lifeup as needed. PK Freeze becomes poor by the end. It is no better than PK Fire at that point. And PK Fire is plenty good early-game. But both are completely outclassed by the time you get PK Starstorm. In fact, PK Freeze is much less efficient than PK Starstorm. PSI Starstorm Alpha will be dealing more damage than PK Freeze Omega to all enemies, while still using less PP. I do not get how it has an "insane" amount of PP, when it is both better and cheaper than PK Freeze. PSI Starstorm Omega uses more PP, but it hits much harder than PK Freeze, and strikes all enemies. By the time you get it, PK Freeze is useless. Basically, elemental PSI is useless by the endgame in EarthBound. And PK Thunder is not elemental PSI; it is non-elemental in EarthBound, which actually makes it more viable in the endgame.

    Ness' healing powers are much better than Lucas overall. He has over double the PP that Lucas has, his Lifeup is much stronger, and let us face it -- it is shameful if more than one of your characters go down at once. That is very rare. With Ness, the entire team is basically invincible. He can use Lifeup Omega every single turn without breaking a sweat, and his Lifeup puts Lucas' to shame. He is also the better attacker, with his better SMAAAASH!! attacks and PK Flash Omega. His Assist PSI is also better, with the ability to completely shut down multiple bosses and enemies. Paralysis is overpowered. Paralysis singlehandedly compensates for all of Lucas' Shields and boosts. Ness can also Shield to a lesser extent, and has Hypnosis.
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