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  • In Brawl, Lucas does turn to block attacks from all sides. The question is whether PSI Magnet would still do that.

    PSI Freeze is quite bad late-game in EarthBound because almost everything relevant resists it. Once you get PSI Starstorm, one has no real reason to use any other Offensive PSI. PSI Rockin' Omega is just as terrible as PSI Fire, PSI Freeze is resisted hard. Poo is the only one who gets PSI Thunder Omega, but he has no reason to use because he can just use PSI Starstorm instead. This is why Poo is the absolute best attacker in the series barring Ana. He is also possibly the best healer after Ana. He does not get Lifeup Omega, but he gets Lifeup Gamma, which is just as useful more often than not, and he also gets Healing Omega and PSI Magnet Omega. Lucas gets Refresh and Lifeup Omega, but he cannot really compete, because Lucas' Lifeups are really weak compared to those of Ness and Poo. Paula learns Offense Up and Defense Down. Lucas learns Offense Up and Defense Up. Ninten learns Offense Up, Defense Up, QuickUp and Defense Down. Ninten basically doubles (Or halves in the case of Defense Down) stats with just one use of any of those.
    From what we know, he has more or less the same Specials as in Brawl. This makes it clear he is stretching his hand in front. See that white burst of light? It is Lucas' PSI Magnet's hitbox. In front of his hand. At the centre of the PSI Magnet. So, it definitely does not surround him from all sides (But Lucas will automatically turn to block attacks from all sides if it is still like Brawl).

    Minimum Ninten. Maximum Ninten, Ana and Lloyd / Teddy. While Ness gets help from Paula, Jeff, Poo and everyone who prays for them.

    They go up to 99, not 100, and it is extremely easy in EarthBound. Simply battle the Fobbies in Lumine Hall a lot, in large groups. They are easy and quick to beat, yet give out a huge amount of experience as a group. Lucas' PK Flash is much weaker than Ness'. Ness' PK Flash is four times as likely to get an instant knockout. Lucas' PK Flash does not one-hit kill bosses, no matter what. Ness' PK Flash is perfectly capable of one-shotting bosses. The Pig King Statue is not recognized as a boss, which is why it is affected by Lucas' PK Flash and the New Year's Eve bomb. Ninten's PSI Shield can halve Giygas' attacks, which even Paula's PSI Shield cannot do unless Giygas is in the Devil's Machine. And PSI Shield is pretty much Paula's only useful endgame move. PK Fire and PK Freeze are poor elements, commonly resisted by the enemies. PK Thunder has the same element as PK Starstorm in EarthBound, but she cannot go up to the Omega level with it. That shows how good a shielder Ninten is, the best one in the series. He is also a far superior booster than Paula and Lucas combined, because he can basically instantly double his and his allies' stats (And instantly halve the Defense of all opponents) with a single move, and is nowhere as limited as Paula or Lucas are.
    He stretches his hand in front, so, likely, it is still formed in front of him.

    About who among Ninten, Ness and Lucas is the strongest:

    Storywise: Ninten battled Giygas. Lucas battled Porky. Ness battled both of them at once. This gives Ness the edge here. Also, Ness actually managed to last long enough against Giygas to indirectly kill Giygas. However, Porky is such a minor threat compared to Giygas that it does not really matter whether Ninten or Ness battle Giygas alone or with Porky. Ninten had only two others to help him (Actually, if you do things out of order, you can reach Giygas with only two party members, or you can even battle Giygas with Ninten alone). Ninten had less help than Ness had. So, either of Ninten or Ness could be more powerful.

    Gameplay-wise: Lucas is out of question because his stats are much lower than Ninten or Ness', and their PSI is just as good as his. Ninten has ludicrous stats (His Offense and Defense reach nearly 300, he has about 250 Speed. His HP is about 510, and his PP is nearly 400. Ness does not have as much of Offense, Defense or Speed, but his HP goes above 920, and his PP goes to almost 670. Additionally, Ness has PSI Flash Omega, which has a 40% chance to instantly defeat an opponent. However, Ninten can essentially double his Offense, Defense or Speed at once. Ninten's Powershield completely reflects attacks. Ninten's Powershield and PSI Shield are also completely indestructible, no matter how many times they are hit. So, it could be either of Ninten or Ness.
    PSI Magnet always essentially covered Lucas. He would automatically turn to block an attack in Brawl. This may or may not be true for SSB4. However, I believe it does not actually cover his body in SSB4, either.
    yeah but eh lol to be honest everything is a complicated story haha but you know now that you mention it, as of right now, it's a maybe i will have someone, then again maybe not so yeah idk haha XD?
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